Chernihiv: how to get there, where to stay, what to see

Chernihiv is rightly one of the three most beautiful cities in Ukraine. And yet, it would be possible to include it in the list of the most green and blooming all over Ukraine.

Chernihiv is cozy, quiet and green. In the view of prominent parts of the city one day will suffice. However, to become familiar with the basic cultural facilities will need a week.

How to get to Chernigov:

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Where to stay:

Leo Hostel in Chernigov is situated in the heart of the city, so you will have the opportunity to be very close to the cultural monuments and historical places. ShishkINN hotel offers not only a place for relaxation, but also SPA-procedures, massage and exercise in the gym. Apart hotel “Parasolka” and “Park – hotel Chernigov” will satisfy even the most demanding tourists. Stop for the night is also possible at the hotel “Ukraine” with a splendid view of the city.

Where to eat:

1) In the restaurant “Hradeckiy” you can not only enjoy the wine, but also sing, dance and even conduct business meetings;

2) The restaurant “Parasol” offers a taste dishes of European and Japanese cuisine, as well as have fun in good company;

3) “Velour” restaurant is a cozy place with peace and meat cuisine, sincere service and good traditions;

4) Restaurant ‘’Avenue 33’’ is a European city-cafe with breakfast and continental menu for dinner, music and dancing, hookah and atmospheric interiors;

5) Cafes «Pasta Basta» offers fine Italian cuisine and the most delicious pizza!

What to see:

The first acquaintance with the city begins with the citadel.

Detinets is an old fortified part of the city. But among tourists increasingly popular 12 guns.

Boldin mountains are very picturesque place. Here are the ancient Russian burial-mounds, and ancient Russian Elias Church. And it is extremely interesting Anthony Cave, founded in 1069 as the cave monastery.

Trinity Cathedral is located just in a few minutes’ walk away. It is based in the historic manor house of the same name of the monastery. Historians date the building in the Ukrainian Baroque style in 1695 year. It is believed that the cathedral was built on the money allocated Ivan Mazepa.

Anthony Cave are Boldin Hills and consists of four tiers, two of which have not yet been investigated. This is a place on the list of Wonders of Ukraine.

Kamenica Lizogubiv. Initially Kamenica has performed both residential and defensive function. The architecture is quite simple – it is a one-storey building with a large basement. It is in the form of Ukrainian Baroque.

Out of city:

Kachanivka. In 1772 the new owner of Governor P. Rumyantsev laid the unique palace and park complex, from that moment began the sacrament. The place is really beautiful and dazzling impressively huge.
Mezin National Park is a unique natural complex with rare animals and plants, the spectacular views and luxurious Desna.

Galaganov Palace. The majestic palace and park complex in Sokirintsy created in the middle of XIX century.

Trostyanets. One of the most beautiful landscape parks in Ukraine, founded in 1834 at the expense of Ukrainian philanthropist Ivan Skoropadsky.

Ichnyansky National Park. Here you can spend a day in nature, have a picnic in a beautiful location and to walk in woods.

We offer interesting excursions on all these and other memorable places of Chernigov with our own guide. Legends of the city are waiting for you!

In Chernihiv are incredibly warm and quiet summer evenings. In the center are a lot of restaurants with outdoor terraces, where you can watch the passers-by, listening to a nice light jazz while enjoying the calm rhythm of life.

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