Chernihiv: how to get there, where to stay, what to see

Chernihiv is rightly one of the three most beautiful cities in Ukraine. And yet, it would be possible to include it in the list of the most green and blooming all over Ukraine. Chernihiv is cozy, quiet and green. In the view of prominent parts of the city one day Читайте

We are the heart and soul of Ukraine

There are things you do not think about, that you know that your Native land area of 603,628 km² and for a minimum geographical knowledge is enough. But just how much is hidden under these figures. I’ve love to travel, I ironically genre expanses beckon abroad, though still not much Читайте

Kharkov: how to get there, where to stay, what to see

Kharkiv is deservedly one of the ten most beautiful cities of Ukraine. Surprisingly, Kharkiv is traditionally a cosmopolitan city: here are living representatives of 111 nationalities. Kharkiv is a city with a lot of student. Kids dream to be players “Metalist” in Kharkiv. People are sincerely happy to each other. Читайте

8 amazing places in Ukraine, which will not tell on TV

Красота, как известно, и спасает жизни и правит миром. Красота природы – это благоухание Вселенной, которым можно и нужно наслаждаться. Куда ехать за огромным потоком вдохновения и сил? Где увидеть настоящую сказку и ощутить бесконечное счастье? Украина полна таен и неожиданностей! Читайте далее о невероятно красивых местах нашей страны. Актовский Читайте