Photo-walking: Chernigiv

Let’s take a walk through the city Chernigiv using instagram 🙂 Фото Чернигов @_demianenko Чернигов @svit_bondy Чернигов @svit_bondy Чернигов @backmanil @doch_poeta @geleverova_i @geleverova_i @gugu911jc @ivtestov @julia.titok @julia.titok @mariyat_ph @milye.domiki @milye.domiki   @milye.domiki @nobody.a.m @podryga_esenina @tasha_marchenko   @young_chernigiv @zalvovska Автор рубрики – Света Бондаренко Пишите о местах, куда хотите совершить фото-прогулку в Читайте

Attractions in Western Ukraine, which is especially beautiful in autumn

Traveling in Western Ukraine, most tourists visit only the most famous attractions, and even do not realize how many beautiful places they overlooked. Ancient settlements, unpredictable natural and architectural creations, picturesque valleys and the towns – this wonderful region has many unique facilities that deserve special attention, and in today’s Читайте