Chernihiv: how to get there, where to stay, what to see

Chernihiv is rightly one of the three most beautiful cities in Ukraine. And yet, it would be possible to include it in the list of the most green and blooming all over Ukraine. Chernihiv is cozy, quiet and green. In the view of prominent parts of the city one day Читайте

Itinerary for independent travel Lviv region

  Day 1. Brodi Great Synagogue, Brodie m.Brodi, vul. Goncharska 12 Brodivskyi Castle, Brodie m.Brodi, vul. Zamkowa 1-a Kraєznavchy Museum, Brodie m.Brodi Sq. Liberty, 5 +38 (03266) 4-21-13 Brodіvska gіmnazіya, Brodie m.Brodi, vul. Kotsyubinskogo 2 +38 (03266) 4-21-91 +38 (068) 134-81-05 Palace Tishkevichіv, Brodie m.Brodi, vul. Nizka 15 +38 (03266) Читайте