Must vivsit: Drogobych

Drohobych – the city of Bruno Schulz and Yuri Drohobych, a town of ancient architecture and complicated history.

The first mention of the town date back to the XI century, when the settlement bore the name “Bych”. Due to the great fire of the settlement was virtually destroyed, so in its place founded a new town, which was given the name “The Other Bych”, hence the modern name of the city.


Drohobych is very similar to the Lions for its architecture, but life is more measured. The city is located in the Carpathians themselves, which adds to the beauty of the landscape and the impact on the relief.

The city preserved many old buildings – churches, towers and mansions. There really have something to enjoy.


But tourists are most attracted by no architecture, no atmosphere and the hospitality of the city, and one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This is the church of St. George in 1424.

From the church of St. George in Drogobych related a very interesting story. Due to the fact that the city was a center of salt production Carpathian Church received due to salt exchange. Previous its location is not known, in the history, you can find information about the roots of Kiev and Moscow, but most of the facts found indicate that the church was brought from the village Nadievo, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Church of St. George was the center drogobychan life. It is here that the most significant historical events of the city.

Local very proud to be in their city studied Ivan Franko, in whose honor in Drohobych framed “Path of the Poet” – sculpture, inspired by the work of Ivan Franko.


Drohobych definitely must visit! This town for lovers of architecture, interesting attractions and low prices 🙂

Drohobych City on the map:

Author: Svetlana Bondarenko

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