Lviv: Boim Chapel

Lviv Attractions can be called universal , because the diversity of cultures and traditions that are intertwined in this city , every man is impressive . Aromas of coffee and chocolate complement the atmosphere of mystery and antiquity, which envelops the city a special aura.


How and by whom built a chapel?

George (George) was a Hungarian Boim, who appeared in the XVI century in Lviv. He was a Protestant, but later accepted the Catholic faith. He was rich and could afford to make luxury gifts, so he planned to erect a magnificent funeral chapel. To implement the project took a Boehmer. He built it in the Mannerist style, making the west facade of the snow-white. Today, the chapel stands intimidating black facade that can be easily explained statute of limitations buildings and weather conditions.

Часовня Боимов_ _Часовня Боимов

Interesting Facts

– The chapel did not want to consecrate because of pomposity and pretentiousness, and the townspeople believed that Boim vain.

– Surprisingly, it considered the fact that the chapel has survived to the present day, because at some point all burials began to carry out of the city, and those that were in the city – demolished.

– Chapel Boim called “the bible for the illiterate.” Such a title she won for being on the walls (in the form of paintings and carvings) represented almost the entire Bible.

Часовня Боимов

Адрес: г. Львов, площадь Кафедральная, 1.

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