7 little-known attractions of Lviv

Yards museums, open-air gallery – «Ukraine is» prepared for you an overview of the less obvious, but no less stunning attractions of the Lion City.

Streets with names of 9, Picasso in his underpants – this is not the name of the show about opera, and certainly not a documentary film about the great artist and the name of the stunning attractions that are in any guidebook does not mention.

1. Yard Museum of the USSR (str. Prince Leo, 2)

The tradition of bringing here the ancient artifacts from the time of the union began so long ago that the locals did not even remember when it started. Those times courtyard increasingly takes the form of theatrical props warehouse. The helpful tourist immediately glanced at the exhibition a bust of Lenin, the classic era furniture and paintings communal impregnated academicism.

2. Yard with lost toys (str. Prince Leo, 3)

By following attractions very doorstep. Unusual yard is directly opposite. There is a long time for passers spy doll, garden gnomes, a few Carlson and many others. Content patio creates a certain mystique. According to the local court of Gdańsk, the collection belongs to the mysterious tenant. Most of Lviv did not know about the existence of this miracle.

3. The open-air gallery (Market Square, 13)

Not so long ago created an art space located in the heart of the city. “Schos tsіkave” –edinstvennaya public gallery in the open air. Position is open to artists, so there can often stumble on new and great exposure. If you follow the life of the place, you can get on an acoustic concert and a master class.

4. Abandoned Palace (Galician area, 10)

If you believe the rumors that the palace Besyadetskih was witty in the 18th century. Despite the fact that the building is located in the center and has a rather unconventional, but surprisingly an eclectic architecture – it is abandoned. Without proper care dilapidated building. I look at it is, if only because that in the near future such cases may be impossible.

5. Home-crossword (str. Sakharova, 82)


If you roam around Lviv in search of unusual art objects, then you better move on Copernicus Street from the center. Thus, the exit to the street Sakharov and find several high-rise buildings. On the side of a house is shown a huge puzzle. Its height reaches 30 meters. Fortunately, the creators have made sure that it is not bored, so a number of written questions. For answers can come only at night, as they were written neon paint.

6. Monument “Picasso in his underpants” (str. Green, 88)

Tourists usually tell the legend, according to which of the Lviv eatery ran founder of cubism, Pablo Picasso. Was he at the same time in shorts and barefoot. It is thus remembered his Lions. The bronze statue is located near the eponymous club. In it the artist pensively smoking a cigarette, it is strongly recommended not to disturb him.

7. Street with 9 titles (st. Archives)

Since 2006, Lions conducts Festival “LeoFilm”. 8 years ago, there was a tradition – to add a sign with the name of who is dedicated to film festival. The name is not just exhibited in the form of inscriptions, but is added to the official name of the street Backup. During the existence of the tradition of Lions managed to acquire such street names as: Bergman, Parajanov, Fellini, Truffaut and so on.

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