Lviv for one day: route, places to visit, where to eat and what to look

Narrow streets, cobblestones, cozy coffee shops at every rose, the smell of chocolate and vanilla caramel, street musicians singing under the guitar, animators are in the attitude, in thematic restaurants. You have probably taken over the atmosphere of the fairy-tale city of Lviv. 

Where should you go, where do you taste delicious and what tourist destinations to visit? We offer you a plan for a trip to the cultural capital of Ukraine for one day.

Where to go and what to look for?

To start a trip to Lviv is best from Svoboda Avenue and to see the first National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska.

Lviv Opera Theater

It is one of the most unusual buildings in the city of Lev. Stylistically it can be attributed to neo-tenant and unaromatic elements of modern. Combining different shapes and styles, the masters successfully experimented with sculptural decor and painting. The most decorative part of the facade can be considered a triangular front, which adornments the sculptural composition “joys and suffering of life by Anthony Popel.

H. Gorgolevsky has created a plan for the building and interior. Inside the theater, there are unparalleled paintings and sculptures of the best masters. The mirror hall deserves special attention. You can get to the museum for a performance, or by ordering a tour.

From the opera theater, it is necessary to go to one of the oldest Ukrainian museums – the Lviv Historical Museum (Svoboda Avenue, 20). It stores more than three hundred thousand exhibits. Numerous exhibitions will familiarize us with the history of the city from ancient times to our days.

There are more than eleven departments in the historical museum, including the Department of Archeology, the history of Western Ukrainian lands, the Ukrainian Diaspora, the liberation struggle of Ukraine, historical treasures, and The historical and memorial museum of Eugene Konovalets, Arsenal.

For history fans the road is in the museum branch:

  • House of the shooting Society
  • City arsenal
  • Kamyanitsa Massarivska
  • Black stone
  • Kamyanitsa Bandinelli
  • The stone of Kornyakta

It is not necessary to bypass the thematic museums of Lviv.

Since 1735, at the address of Drukarska Street, 2 works the Apteka museum “under the Black Eagle”, known as the production of “iron wine”.

In the museum of pharmacy, there are three thousand exhibits, among them pharmaceutical weight, and dishes for storage of medicines. The interior of the hall resembles an old pharmacy laboratory.

Popular is the Post Museum (Market Square, 2), the Beer Museum (Kleparivska Street, 18), and the Lviv Museum of Religion (Museum Square, 1).

The exposition of the last museum is located in the building of the Dominican monastery.

The museum fund contains unique collections of the Bible in different languages of the world. One of the brightest exhibits is Ivan Fedorov’s Ostrozka Bible, a Paris edition of 1563 and a Venetian edition from the 16 century.

Churches and temples of Lviv

Lviv region is one of the most religious in Ukraine.

There are more than Fifty churches in Lviv, which belong to different denominations. The buildings of churches are architectural and historical city monuments. Near the center, there is a Latin cathedra (Katedralna Square, 1) – the only temple in Ukraine, which is called a “small basilica”. He is home to the features of four architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance, eclecticism, and Baroque. The peculiarity of this church is the vistas created in the second half of the nineteenth century by famous artists.

The monument of history is the defense complex of the monastery and the monastery of Bernardino (Cathedral Square 3-A). Several interesting facts are connected with the temple: The exposition of the archivist presents the “Dragon’s Grammar”, written by the blood. On the wall, there is a clock, which runs for five minutes.

After numerous rebuilds, to our days was well preserved Armenian Cathedral (street Armenian, 7-13). This is the only temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Western Ukraine. The architecture of the church reflects the traditions of monumental construction of Armenian and ancient Russian traditions. This building was decorated with frescos, architectural details, epitaphs, and sculptors.

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The architectural composition of the Chapel of Boims reproduces the style of the Carpathian churches of the seventeenth century. This architectural complex has a central composition. The upper dome of the chapel adorns the cross with the figure of Jesus.

On the second tier above the sculptural images of the prophets are quoted in Latin from the Bible. From the street, Galitskaya chapel is decorated with frescoes portraits by the author of complex G. Boim and his wife. From the north of the chapel, there are fresco images of the Mother of God and Jesus Christ.

Church of Holy Olga and Elizaveta (St. Kropyvnytskyi was built in neo-Gothic style in memory of Empress Elizabeth Bavarian. The interior of the church is simple and laconic: White walls, decor partly dark red, through the window passes soft light. From the Church of Holy Olga and Elizabeth, you can climb on the viewing platform and see the panorama of the city.

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Places to visit

The heart of the city and the best orientation is Rynok Square, founded in the thirteenth century. The square was formed during the blossoming of the Renaissance. It is considered a colorful example of medieval architecture. The best national and foreign architects worked on the ensembles in the center of the city.

From the north of the square is guarded by the sculpture Amphitrite. If you go to the square from the south, then the building of the city Council – Ratusha, and the sculpture of Neptune are cast in the eyes. The Rathoui tower has a height of sixty-five meters.

It is the highest in the country! Willing to see an old city in full beauty can rise on the web.

And the facade of the building with dolphins at the address Rynok Square, 2 is Kamyanitsa Bandinelli. One of the aforementioned branches of the historical museum is the exhibition of jewelry. Next to the square is Kamyanitsa Ubaldini. The facility was created on old foundations in the seventeenth century. The exquisite decoration of the stone adds to the sculptural decoration. Figures of powerful Atlantes support the balcony.

On Rynok Square, 6 in a cozy place from the halal streets you can walk through the Italian courtyard. Small, but spacious summer terrace will allow you to feel right in the heart of Italy. At the lodge in the center of the courtyard, you can drink fragrant coffee. In the summertime in the Italian courtyard are held evening chamber music. The exhibition of ancient sculptures is constantly opened along the lodge.

To go on souvenirs, it is on the colorful market “Vernisage”. On many counters, there are unique products of manual work. Pictures of Lviv streets and panoramas of the city, embroidered national clothes, towels, wares from a bier, leather, and wood.

Not far from the center of the street Kopernika, 15 is located in the style of classicism from the brick Palace Potocki.

For two thousand years, the palace belongs to a building with an attic, a lethargy, decorated facades, and figure-framed windows, which attracts all visitors. The parade entrance is represented by the ion columns and decorated with an arched portico. The interior is decorated with marble and gilding. This gallery presents works of artists from different countries of Europe from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. You can visit the Palace of Potocki any day from Tuesday to Sunday.

Closer to the evening, watch the event should go to the observation ground, on the mountain “High Castle”. This is one of the main attractions of the city. The height of the high lock is more than four hundred meters. In the far past, this place was a castle, but since the seventeenth century, he gradually came into decline. From fortifications remained one wall.

Equestrian club “Tempo”

Tempo equestrian club in Lviv is the place where you can order a dynamic horse ride. Routes have conducted both beginners and experienced shippers from 40 minutes to 5 hours. The duration of the itinerary is agreed upon with the instructor before booking. The stable staff will listen to your wishes regarding the trip, recommend you a more interesting route and choose the appropriate horse. Prices depend on the order and actual the site is stable. 

Phones: +380993816874, +38097969650 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)

Room of fear

If you want to diversify your stay in Lviv and try something new, be sure to visit the rooms of fear (31 Valova Str.).

This is not the room of fear, which is at children’s attractions. Here everything is adult. It is a survival game for the most deadly shooters, in which you become participants in horror films in reality. In full darkness, with one flashlight, you have to go through all the rooms and, most importantly, survive.

Only half of the visitors to the fear room can reach the finish line.

Restaurant-sniper “Kryivka”

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Unusual, the only restaurant of its kind is the restaurant “Kryivka” (Rynok Square, 14). National cuisine, original dish names, hotel staff, and wonderful interior. The restaurant presents the attributes of the Ukrainian rebel army.

To get to “Kryivka” you need to say a password. In response to the congratulation of “Glory to Ukraine,” it is necessary to answer “Heroes of glory!”.

Lviv chocolate workshop

To treat delicate chocolate with nuts and dried fruits, aromatic coffee with the addition of cream, caramel, and balls of ice cream can be in the Lviv chocolate workshop (street Serbian, 3). Hundreds of tourists pass the workshop every day.

On the first and last floor, there are cozy coffee houses where you can order a special offer of breakfast or look at a cool cocktail or dessert with a cup of latte.

“Gasova lamp”

On 20 Virmenska Street, there is a thematic restaurant-museum, opened for the 155th anniversary of the invention of the first gas lamp in Lviv. A huge collection of gas lamps has been collected in the facility.

Guests meet the inventors of the same lamps. The interior uses reproductions of photographs and laboratory equipment. In the museum restaurant, you can take a table on two floors in the room or on the terrace of the third floor. In the Gasovy lamp European cuisine.

House of legends

According to unforgettable emotions, it is necessary to go to the House of Legends (Old Jewish street 48). This gastronomic bar is presented on four floors and therapy on the roof in one of the central Lviv blocks.

Every building of the institution keeps its legend, for example, there are rooms of Lviv hours, books, lions, and weather. Kitchen in the house of legends home, just from the stove. Here it is acceptable to drink a lot and to buy well.

Theater of beer «Pravda»

Rynok Square, 32 – remember this address well. It is here that we offer fresh, cold beer with old technology from the best brewers of Ukraine and the world!

The menu offers a wide selection of beer and crispy snacks. Several times a week in the beer theater you can listen to live music performed by the orchestra.

Lviv coffee mine

The Lviv Coffee Mine (Ploscha Rynok, 10) is a concept coffee shop-bookstore created under a coffee mine. There is a coffee shop and a bookstore on the first floor.

A special hard hat can be put in the coffee house and you can go for a tour in the tunnel of the mine. It is in the swimming pool, you can try more than thirty types of coffee drinks.

Restaurant “Poshta on Drukarska”

Restaurant-museum of Poshta on Drukarska (street Drukarska, 2) presents unique collections of old letters and leaflets. In the interior, tablecloths and telephones create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. There are two open-air facilities in the building.

In the restaurant, you can try different cakes, pasta, and alcohol fillings.

Restaurant-brewery «Kumpel»

Delicious non-filtered beer, excellent wine, and delicious dishes of international Galician cuisine can be missed in the restaurant “Kumpel” (street Vynnychenko, 6).

In translation from old-fashioned “Kumpel” means a friend. In the restaurant, you can taste the dishes prepared according to the old Galician recipes. Popular are sausage dishes of fish. The interior is created in the classic style of the pub.

The restaurant has three dining areas. There is a possibility to reserve a table by phone. The institution works 24 hours a day.

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