9 Prominent places in Ukraine, where it is worth visiting at least once

In Ukraine, in every, even a very small town, there are dozens of attractions.

All right, in every city, there are places that residents are proud of and advised to visit with a pure heart. So, we have compiled a list of attractions in different cities of Ukraine, where everyone should visit at least once!

St. Andrew’s Descent in Kyiv

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If you live in Kyiv for a long time, you can see that St. Andrew’s  Descent has the highest concentration of everything originally “Kyiv” and worthy of attention.

Just imagine, along the alley leading to the temple, there are the Bulgakov Museum, the One Street Museum, the Wheel Theater, the Podil Theater, the Artists’ Lane, as well as the street piano, famous monuments and the entrance to the landscape alley.

Every corner of Andrew’s is like a mosaic of various puzzles, making which, you can learn everything about Kyiv. The main condition is to walk along the alley slowly to notice all the details and secret stairs. By the way, on the way you will meet Witch Mountain and Richard’s Castle!


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One of the most epoch-making monuments of Ukraine’s glorious Hetman’s past is located in the Chernihiv region.

That is why, visiting Ukraine for the first time, go to Baturyn immediately after Kyiv.

In 1669, Hetman Mnohohrishny chose Baturyn as his residence, and after him Mazepa and Razumovsky ruled in the city. Each of the rulers contributed to the development of the city, leaving a memorable legacy to his followers. Mnogogrishny built a luxurious palace here and created a post office, Samoilovich restored the building of the General Court, and under Mazepa the city played with new colors. 

In 1708, the tsarist troops of Russia in the style raids almost completely destroyed the majestic Baturyn and the main palace. At the end of the same century, Kirill Razumovsky undertook to restore the residence and he succeeded. Go to Baturyn and see for yourself.

                  The Shenborn Palace

The next stop on the express tour in Ukraine is the Shenborn Palace in Transcarpathia.

The exquisite palace, which used to be a hunting lodge, will impress to the core. In the 18th century, Shenborn was given land near Mukachevo, and he decided to make this place a hunting palace. The castle is decorated with various turrets and weather vanes, and the roof is lined with colorful tiles. The interiors have also survived to this day, but in part.

However, the main attraction of this area is a huge landscaped park that surrounds the castle on all sides. There is also a lake and a pump room with drinking water.

Ancient stone fortress in the city of     Kamianets-Podilskyi 

The old fortress is a real pride of Ukraine. It can take a day or two to walk around the neighbourhood. In the 17th century, Kamianets-Podilskyi, like most cities, came under Turkish rule.

One hundred and a half years later and many historical events leading up to the merger of Bessarabia and the Russian Empire, the fortress ceased to perform a defensive function. So, it was used as a prison. During the 1930s, the fortress became a national treasure, and in the 37th, a museum was organized here. There are several towers on the territory of the fortress, each of which can be seen.

Be sure to check out the Papal Tower.

Remember Ustym Karmaliuk, who fights for the rights of peasants? According to legend, he was a regular at the local prison. An exposition dedicated to the period of imprisonment of the national hero of that time is now open in the Papal Tower. 

                       Saint Anthony Caves

Anthony’s Caves – the property of the Chernihiv region.

The caves also include the chapel and cell of Anthony.

Yes, the caves are part of the monastery, which was founded in 1069.

The caves stretch for 300 meters, and the rooms in them are located one above the other in several tiers.

In the caves you can also easily see the famous relics – the tomb of monks and the cell of St. Anthony.

Church of Theodosius of Totem is located underground. The only one of its kind in Ukraine. Sometimes strange but fateful things happen here.

                        Odessa Catacombs

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The next stop is the hero city of Odessa, or rather – an interesting tour of the catacombs. Labyrinths near Odessa have become popular due to their paleontological value.

Inside are valuable minerals, as well as the remains of ancient animals. In addition, the catacombs once served as a refuge for guerrillas during the war.

Many secrets and mysteries are hidden in the Odessa dungeons. Catacombs appeared with the beginning of shell mining, when the mines were created chaotically for profit.

Later, the poorest sections of the population settled in the labyrinths, then gangs and bandit groups settled down, which could not be caught by entire police units. The temperature in the labyrinths is constant all year round and is 14 degrees. 


Askania Nova is one of the largest nature reserves in Ukraine, famous for its huge number of rare plants and animals.

Representatives of the fauna are kept here in spacious cages, and the flora are not burned by fires and barbecues. Unusual nature, fresh air, hectares of pure Ukrainian nature, as well as picturesque landscapes awaits tourists every day throughout the year. 

                          Spiritual Ostroh

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Ostroh is one of the smallest and most interesting Ukrainian cities.

First, there is the famous Ostroh Castle with majestic towers, a high bell tower and a temple. The Stone Tower is one of the oldest in the castle, and inside, in addition to everything else, there is a museum.

The city also has a very beautiful Church of the Assumption, made in a rare neo-Romanesque style, the ruins of synagogues and several abandoned cemeteries.

The main attraction of the city is the Ostroh Academy, founded by the Prince of Ostroh in the 16th century. The academy was one of the first theological schools in those days.


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Medzhybizh is a village in the Letychiv district of the  Khmelnytskyi region, located on the left bank of the Southern Bug. 

One of the best Ukrainian castles, built during the 14th-17th centuries, has been preserved in Medzhybizh. Now the castle houses a museum, and there are various festivals and knightly tournaments. Despite the not very good condition of the fortress, it makes a strong impression and is one of the most beautiful in Ukraine.

Medzhybizh is also a place of pilgrimage for Hasids, because here is the tomb of the Jewish tzaddik, philosopher, founder of Hasidism Baal Shem Tov or as the Besht. There is also an old cemetery and some other interesting sites of the old Jewish Medzhybizh.

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