The Most Stunning Natural Reserves in Ukraine

What if you go untouched by civilization spaces with dense forests, crystal lakes, fresh air and lots of animals?

It is good that there are enough picturesque protected areas in Ukraine, where the carefree grandeur of nature reigns. Here are the five largest, most beautiful and interesting reserves, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, immersed in the world of pristine nature. 



Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve is a unique corner of nature. He became the winner of the all-Ukrainian competition “Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine”. One third of its area is a completely protected steppe zone, an innocent territory that has never been touched by a plow.

Here is a unique dendrological park, which grows more than half a thousand species of plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book, thousands of species of trees and many ornamental plants from around the globe. Exterminated in their homeland and survived only in “Askania”. Here you can also see the ancient mounds, which offer breathtaking views of the steppe.

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

 Transcarpathian region


This stunning reserve occupies 57 thousand hectares on the picturesque slopes of the southwestern Carpathians. Its riches include majestic mountains and picturesque valleys, high meadows and lakes, the cleanest rivers and mineral spring with healing water.

And also – what is striking is the diversity of flora and fauna: a huge number of plants grow here, many of which are listed in the Red Book, and live almost 200 species of animals and birds. In the protected area is Mount Hoverla, the top of which is the highest point of Ukraine, and the waterfall Hook, located at an altitude of 900 meters, which is called one of the pearls of the park.

Walking through the park, you can see archeological monuments dating back 15,000 years, and examples of the wooden folk architecture of the XVI-XIX centuries.

Stone Grave Reserve

Zaporizhzhia region


This is an amazing place that people who are fond of psychics like to compare with Tibet, Nepal and Egypt. The territory of the “Stone Grave” reserve is a rocky outcrop 50-70 m high in the middle of the steppe, formed 2 billion years ago after the eruption of the volcano. The reserve is surrounded by two rings of Scythian mounds.

This is a place where people never dared to live. For many ancient cultures, it served as a sanctuary. The accumulation of stones contains many natural cavities and grottoes, which are covered with thousands of petroglyphs, rock paintings and symbols, many of which are not solved to this day, as well as not explored all the secret passages.

The best time to visit the historical and archeological reserve is, of course, autumn, when there is no heat, the air is fresh, and the steppe around the mysterious stone breathes aromas.

             Danube Biosphere Reserve

                        Odesa region


The reserve is located where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. On the territory of the reserve there are a huge number of lakes, bays, straits, canals, swamps.

The Danube Delta is the most wetland in Europe. Almost all swamps are covered with impassable areas of reeds, in which dozens of species of birds nest. More than 90 species of fish live in the waters of the Danube Reserve, including beluga, the largest freshwater fish. Black Sea dolphins also like to swim here, but a special property is the monk seal, listed on the European Red List. Many people who have visited here say that the reserve is like a lost paradise – so much harmony with nature is felt here.

                 Roztocze Biosphere Reserve

                               Lviv region


The Roztocze Nature Reserve is rich in massive flat-topped hills separated by river valleys with a system of post-glacial lakes. Here originate the streams that feed the rivers of the Baltic and Black Seas.

Quite a variety of swamp and meadow associations of the reserve. Here grows a significant number of rare and endangered species: belladonna, snowdrop, forest lily, living, forest Anemone and many others. The peculiarities of the climate have formed a unique combination of valuable species and forms of vegetation.

The rich and diverse fauna of the reserve: fox, wild boar, roe deer, badger, marten, hare. Especially many species of birds. The Roztocze Nature Reserve is inhabited by blackbirds, vultures, gargoyles, turtle doves, small hawks, woodpeckers, marsh and eared owls, gray owls, cuckoos and woodpeckers.


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