12 Ukraine’s castle, to be visited by everyone

Castle in Ukraine is one of the most interesting historical monuments in Ukraine. According to historians, there were more than 5,000 fortifications in Ukraine, but most of them are nowhere to be seen.

Beautiful, historically attractive and spectacular places in Ukraine – castles and fortresses that are worth your attention!

                        Zhovkva Castle

An amazing Renaissance architectural monument in the city of Zhovkva, Lviv area.

Entered into the State Register of National Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.

The castle was built by order of Stanislav Zholkevsky in 1594-1606 as a defensive structure in the Renaissance style.

The castle withstood the siege, although it was captured several times by the Cossacks. At the end of the 17th century, it was the favorite residence of the Polish King Jan III Sobieski, during which he experienced the period of his greatest prosperity. The castle acquired its modern appearance as a result of many reconstructions and careless treatment during the XIX-XX centuries.

The castle is currently being reconstructed, but only part of it is open to the public – the courtyard and museum.

                Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress 

We couldn’t help but mention that artwork. Most of you have probably seen it or at least heard of it. If not, here’s a new product just for you!

This fortress are classified as the “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”, which is no accident. This is one of the places that has been attracting visitors for years and not only from Ukraine.

It is generally believed that the construction of the fortress began in the 14th century.

But there are sources in which the first mention of it dates back to 11-12 centuries.

And another interesting thing about the fortress is that you have the opportunity to attend a night theatre tour of the towers and dungeons

Palace of Cyril Razumovskyi

The history of Baturyn Palace is remarkably similar to that of Mariinsky in Kyiv. According to the count, the palace was to serve as a seat for the Ukrainian hetmans, where they would meet for emergency meetings. However, immediately after Razumovsky’s death, the Hetmans were not named.

The heirs relinquished the domain due to its provinciality and the palace was forgotten. For about 100 long years the estate could not be restored, but in 1908 the Hetman’s grandson decided to take back the castle and restore it to its old appearance. But this was not destined to be realized, because the year 1917 was approaching, and “red flags have been already visible” outside the windows.

Even after the revolution in the 60’s and 80’s, the area could not be restored.The building has been modern since 2003. At the moment in the halls of the estate are luxurious balls and exhibitions of family values.

The castle of Palanok 

The castle of Palanok in the town of Mukachevo in Transcarpathy, is very mysterious. The former residence of the Transylvanian principality has an extremely rich history.

International documents and peace the treaties were signed here, and popular uprisings took place in his territory. Built from different sources. During the years 900s and 1300s, the castle became a veritable monument of architecture and history.

It has survived countless of its owners and inhabitants, dozens of assaults and sieges and has remained in almost perfect condition to this day.

Two women, Sofia Batory and Ilona Zrini, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, became more famous for this fortress.

          Sharivsky Castle in the Kharkiv region

Sharivsky Castle looks like a fairy-tale palace

The main view is decorated with two octagonal towers topped with teeth and sparse. Time has left its mark on the castle. Despite the fact that Sharivsky Palace has been falling into disrepair for a long time, it still does not lose its appeal. 

Survived some elements of decor, rich stucco, painted ceilings. Even if you look at the castle from afar, you can feel its majesty and sophistication.

From the castle terraces lead to Sharivsky Park. Ancient oaks, blue spruces and ashes grow here. The age of one of the oaks is about 600 years! The park has very picturesque ponds. A stone bridge was built over one of them. It leads to the so-called sugar slide.

         Popov Castle in the Zaporizhia region

Strange and original… as soon as they haven’t named General Vasyl Popov’s family, their loved ones and acquaintances.

Isn’t it strange when mechanical dolls in national costumes from all over the world wander the corridors of someone’s house, and fifteen ethnographic rooms transport guests to China, India, Mexico or elsewhere?

Fortunately, the Popov Palace still has some fragments of the building, which houses a hall dedicated to the history of the estate, a small art gallery, ethnographic hall and an exhibition dedicated to World War II.

                        Khotyn Fortress

Фото instagram.com/vlad.vasylkevych

It is probably the most ancient and “sustainable” building in Ukraine.After being on his feet for hundreds of years, he remained almost the same as he once was.The first mention of it dates back to the 9th century. You can only imagine how interesting its walls could tell, how they could speak.

It was built in the town of Khotyn, Chernivtsi area, by Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavovych.As this fortress has survived to the present day, it often hosts knights’ tournaments “Battle of Nations”, as well as making historical films.

Here the atmosphere of the times of our ancestors is truly conveyed.

          Palace of the Counts of Schoenborn

Today is the sanatorium “Karpaty”, and once here, in the Transcarpathian region, the Austrian counts of Schönborn have built their residence and hunting lodge.The peculiarity of the castle is that it was built on the principle of astronomical year: 365 windows (365 days), 52 chimneys (52 weeks a year), 12 towers (12 months), 7 exits (7 days a week).

To this day, the family coat of arms formerly owned by Schönborn remains on the walls of the palace.The castle was built in the tradition of the French Renaissance, which gives it a refined charm and charm.

                          Pidhirtsi Castle

Built in the Renaissance style in the village of Pidhirtsi, around Lviv.

The castle is surrounded on all sides by a park and is distinguished by the integrity of the artistic design, which makes it one of the most beautiful castles in Ukraine. Unfortunately, many monuments were taken from here to St. Petersburg during the Soviet era, and they never made it home.

Now, the castle is one of the World Heritage sites to be restored.But perhaps the most interesting thing is that, according to locals and visitors, in the basement of the castle lives the ghost of a woman.

                         Zolochiv Castle

Today it is a historic and cultural monument, a museum-reserve located in Zolochiv.But it has a very interesting history.During his existence, he managed to visit the fortress, the royal residence, manor, prison and even an educational institution.

In 1634, Jakub Sobieski built it as a defensive fortress. Housing functions were performed by a castle located inside. But the feature of the place is the mysterious stones with encrypted inscriptions, which can be seen in the museum.

                          Olesko Castle

The Olesko castle was founded in the 14th century, so it is considered the first architectural monument in western Ukraine.In 1366 the town passed to Oleksandr Koriatovych.Then the palace passed by as a flag.

One of the legends about the life of the castle is associated with monks and an unusual custom. The cult of the skeleton originated here from the very beginning. Previously, it was believed that this opportunity is guaranteed to protect against the dark forces, if you put one of the deceased monks at the entrance. After all, they buried the body only when only the bones of the corpse remained. One of the servants of the castle once drowned in a well and since then it is believed that he wanders around the castle.

As the castle changed owners several times, its style became more modern and progressive with each new owner. In Soviet times, the palace was restored, on the ground floor opened an art gallery.

           Akkerman – Fortress

Another memorable fortress located in  Bilhorod-Dnister. According to one version, it was built in the 13th century by master Fedorko.

It still remains one of the greatest and most powerful fortresses in the South. After all, over the centuries it has preserved its walls almost intact.

There are many legends associated with this fortress. It is believed that Pushkin, while in exile, visited Odesa and visited Akkerman. It is common knowledge that it was here that he wrote lines of epistles to Ovid.

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Materials from Wikipedia and vikna.if.ua were used

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