Zmeevka: Sweden in the south of Ukraine

Tourist Kherson – Ukrainian miracle now and Zmeevka – unique place, covered with stories and legends. Today Zmeevka is under the protection of the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine, which actively monitors the life in a small corner of Europe.


In 2007, it celebrated 225 years of the founding of settlements in Zmeevka. Earlier, in 1782 the area was inhabited by people of the island of Dago, precisely at the time there was formed a community Alt Shvedendorf. And in the last century in the village there was a whole international community, including the Germans and Moldovans. The population is less than three thousand inhabitants, but this very fact makes this place special. The friendly residents, hospitable hosts, ready to shelter the curious travelers, and much more awaits you in Kherson!

How to get there?

To get the best and most convenient by shuttle bus to New Kakhovka (Kherson region), and from there – by taxi to Zmeevka. The trip will last about 20 minutes and will cost 80 hryvnia.


Swedish Kirch

Potemkin gave the Swedes, immigrants first wooden church in the history of Zmeevka. He sent back and the first priest, who has been helping parishioners and equip local 6 years. After some time, the church was set on fire and burned it to the ground, but there is a new on its Msta – stone. She then began to carry the name – the Swedish Lutheran Church.

In Soviet times the church was closed and repressed because of the “abolition of religion and God.” People do not give up hope for the return of the holy places and continued to fight. Thus, by 1951 Lutheran church had time to stay and dining room and a club, and state and even stables.

Pastors from Sweden come to the village only a few times a month, and a few locals pass history of religious memo by word of mouth. Also on the territory of the church in Shvdskoy Zmeevka a memorial sign to the Repressed Germans and Swedes who died in the fight for the faith!

The community of hereditary German

Even under Catherine II moved here a few tens of German families, so called earlier Zmeevka Shlangendorf and includes another Myulhauzendorf and Klostendorf.

German church appeared in the village two years later after the Swedish. In the forbidden temple housed a mill, warehouse and storage for products. Since the days of Stalinist repression, much has changed – the church took the Evangelical-Lutheran congregation and became international.

Ukrainian church

The youngest in Zmeevka considered Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. In the 20s there took refuge with persons from villages. Lower Beach with. Lodyna, p. Re Drohobych district, Lviv region. Thus, there appeared Galician village where children secretly baptized and crowned newlyweds. Development and restoration of the church began in the days of thaw, and in the early 2000s.

It should be noted that until 1951 Greek Catholicism was banned in Ukraine and the USSR. Today, we see a very different picture – the village has become a tourist area, which is loved by foreigners. And Kherson meanwhile acquiring the status of a tourist.

Author Alina Kondratenko

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