Top-5 gastro direction of Ukraine

Gastronomic journey to the peak of popularity in Europe, but the trend has come to us in the Ukraine. If you love to travel and want the new “delicious” experience, then quickly get ready for the road! You are waiting for the most delicious parts of Ukraine.

We begin, of course, with the city – the capital of coffee, plyatsok, restaurants and Kneipp.

Hospitality with a romantic name “Legends House” attracts not only the menu items, but also interior design. At the entrance of tourists waiting for the chimney sweep, to tell about the history of the city. Check the building is possible by the presence of a dragon on its facade. And then you can try different types of fat and all that combined with it.

Дом легенд

“Naydoroscha Restoratsіya” – a symbiosis of intelligent recreation and Galician traditions. In the establishment you can taste wine, order food from the chef and listen to the piano. By the way, every guest can to play music while visiting the restaurant. Yes, at a party, because on Galician traditions of each client – a dear guest.

“Misko Pstrug” – it is a museum! The mood here creates a butler, who is also called “Surmach”. Meet you at the door, he will hold a brief tour of the institution, to tell all he knows about Lviv personally and what I heard too. Here pstrug wonderful, delicious canapés and a good selection of wine.

Damp-wine tour in the Carpathians – a heavenly delight for gourmets


Brewery in the mountain passes daily tasting of different kinds of beer. In the Lower Selishche you will have the opportunity to go on a tour of the dairy of this, feeling a cheese expert. In addition, you need to make a mandatory item Guklivoe village – a place of “habitat” blueberry. And in the military-sadyba Grün Hof, among other things, master classes by Ferenc Guklivchika filler for the preparation of mushroom at the stake. The restaurant “Gagarin and Bokorash” incredible intoxicating beer home-made and colorful atmosphere.

Confectionery Uzhgorod and Valentin Shtefanio than not a reason to enjoy life?

Валентин Штефаньо

In the tasting cellar of Uzhgorod castle held a lavish ceremony wine tasting and more. You can also dine at the “Tavern of the Lord,” and even not immediately clear on what syllable emphasis, in any case – there is a stunningly delicious. One of the most magical places of Uzhgorod – Valentine Shtefanio confectionery, where you can try everything. A perfect end to the evening will be dinner at the inn “Horseshoe.” Then you can go to the village and see the Serednee Templar Castle. “Old Cellar” – is one of the few surviving cellar “wine series.” It will tell you the story of wine-making and cooking secrets of homemade wine. In “Honey House” offers the opportunity to taste the Transcarpathian honey and mead and herbal balm.

Wine tourism

Wine tourism is gaining popularity due to a rare combination of incongruous components. And all the details will learn in Odessa and Nikolaevka.

Going to explore the art of wine, you will learn about the process of wine making and about how cheese is better suited for the red semisweet. Every year in Nikolaevka held Wine Festival, where you can taste for jazz music.

In the “Bodega 2Karla” in Odessa serves Bessarabian dishes! In addition to a variety of interesting dishes, the restaurant also reigns urban aesthetics.

«Бодега 2Карла»

This atmosphere of Odessa will meet you at the cafe “sprat”. It serves real mincemeat, delicious sandwiches and, of course, sprat garlic sauce. In “Shustov” brandy museum in Odessa offer different grades of brandies and wines made with great care and trepidation. The wine boutique “French Boulevard” offers to get acquainted with the history of the appearance of the wine culture in Odessa, as well as taste the best instances of domestic collections. Whisky Club Corvin – it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the most mysterious drink and its creators.

The best pancakes in Korosten

In September this year the festival will take place on potato pancakes, where everyone will be able not only to try them, but also learn how to cook. As a rule, on a holiday cooks from different cities of Ukraine compete in culinary contests. This “pekelna kitchen”! But in the “Koliba” museum-restaurant offers traditional national dishes, of which the inhabitants of the capital did not even hear!

Festival “Galician Defilad”

Holiday, which offers dishes from the best restaurateurs with elements of ethnic music, which takes place in Ternopil each year. The park Shevchenko conduct master classes and play Ukrainian musicians. In addition, for guests ugotovlena open-air disco and a fire show. Entrance to the festival is free!

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