Ukraine through the eyes of foreigners: Netherlands

Ukraine through the eyes of foreigners – a series of interviews of travelers who visited  Ukraine.

The purpose of these interviews – to show that we dont see something that used to, but that is not normal for other people.

These interviews, I dont aspire to show things better or worse than they are, just what it really is.

So. I present you an interview with the Dutch, who visited several times Ukraine. Without colors, comments and editing.

About my self

I love traveling and learning new thing in life. I believe – everyone should do what they are good at, and not force themselves to do something that they hate.

About Travel in Ukraine

So far, I have only been in Kiev, Odessa and some other places near Odessa. It’s been a lot of fun to be able to travel to all this places. I have also been in wild camping near Odessa.

There are a lot of great places to visit. Whenever you meet great people over there, you should hang out to them. But you should also be careful in Ukraine. A lot of pickpocketing and people who are trying to cheat you out of money or something else. Life in Ukraine is hard, and some people are trying to earn a quick buck. I can talk for hours about this subject, but let’s just keep it as it is.


Is There a place or  restaurants, hotels where we would like to go back?

There are a lot of restaurants in Kiev as well in Odessa. I don’t want to advertise, therefore I’m not going to recommend any restaurants. One thing I can say, there are a lot of them. Beside, all of us have our own taste, so what I like does not mean that others going to like it too. So for anyone new in Ukraine, I would recommend just to walk around the city and walk in to the restaurants that they feel and like. Be sure not to be cheated, and pay more than you should. Know the prices before ordering, and make sure that you get what you have ordered. Always check you receipt


Is it convenient to travel in Ukraine?

Not really. A huge minus point to all of this are the roads in Ukraine. There are terrible and you have to be prepared for unknown. A good feeling for some, but not so much If you get sick or something, or if your car breaks down. But, from what I have heard, the road from Lviv to Kiev are supposed to be good. One more thing, the drivers are a bit crazy from what I have seen, so just be very careful driving in Ukraine. Also, from what I hear in some arias the roads being partially restored. Let just live and see.

What services usually use? And where you searching information?

Just the recommendations that I get from friends.

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What is most interesting in traveling around Ukraine for you?

I think it’s the fact that you have more freedom in traveling. In Europe the most places are already taken or privatized. In Ukraine there are a lot of places that look and feel amazing. For example. If you want to go into wild camping, you have to search for it in Europe very carefully, in Ukraine there are a lot abandoned places like that.

I just love visiting Ukraine and I love the feeling I get from it. I hope that this feeling never ends.


About difference between Ukraine and the Netherlands

Almost everything is different. But I believe that people of Ukraine are becoming more like European now days. One thing I can mention is the difference in optimistic behavior. Everything for most of Ukrainians suck! People are very angry about a lot of things. So if you would smile to a Ukrainian in the bus of metro, don’t expect to other person smile to you back. At least not most of them, I think. Still, I belief that most of them are good people.

Can you recommend your friends to travel to Ukraine?

Definitely. I belief everyone should at least once visit Ukraine, visit its beautiful city’s, experience the life over there. It’s amazing.

Author Svitlana Bondarenko

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