TOP-5 entertainment in Ukraine, which will inspire you

Ukraine – is not just a country in Eastern Europe, there are many extraordinary and unusual! Ukraine has so many wonderful places that can not count on the fingers. The most amazing thing that constantly admired by tourists – unusual nature. Read more about the extreme and specific entertainment that should try every traveler!

The study of caves in skirts


Nowhere in the world do not find a lot of unique gypsum caves in a small area, as in the Ukrainian skirts, especially in the Ternopil region. The most surprising is the fact that these caves have been preserved in their native and pristine condition, and only rare tourists descend in some of them. But if you want, you can become part of the team that explores the dungeon. Relive this amazing adventure is necessary, because during the journey you will discover a wide lake and beautiful natural views. There will also be an opportunity to listen to such a rare in the modern world of silence.

Travel Arabat Spit by bike


On Arabat Spit it seems that he was in the desert, and if they get anywhere, then at a chic ocean shore. This thin strip of sand connects the mainland with the eastern part of the Crimean peninsula. The bicycle is the ideal vehicle here. Going on a cycling trip in the area, you can plunge into the Sea of Azov, and then the fish in the same place and the same cook your catch for dinner.

Hiking in Gorgan


Here you can feel like a real adventurer and pioneer. This place is for real brave, because a coward will not go camping?
Ridge Gorgan is one of the lesser-known among ordinary tourists. Also, there is a risk to face with wild animals at all or stay without food. Be careful on the way in Gorgan! Experts recommend that the first campaign carried out with a tour group, or a good navigator.

Mezhirichsky Nature Park


Fishing on the largest of the Ukrainian rivers, hiking in clean pine forest and a visit to protected areas – all this you can find just 100 km from the capital of Ukraine! This park is the largest in Ukraine. It is located between the rivers Desna and the Dnieper in Chernihiv region. Most of the park during the Soviet era has been closed to ordinary people.
Now anyone has the right to explore the huge military command bunkers and deep craters in the ground. But the main attraction of this area is its untouched nature. Some of the villages here are relatives oldest oak in Ukraine.

Selfies with bison and wild horses in Askania-Nova


Have you read “The Lost World” by Conan Doyle? And I dreamed of visiting the place where the animals from the past are still hanging around? Askaniya-Nova – the oldest of the steppe reserve, which covers an area five times larger than San Marino. It is home to 500 species of plants and 3,000 species of animals.
Going on a tour of the reserve for the first time, there is a feeling that he was on safari in Africa.

Note – extreme speed up the heart rate and gives genuine emotions that can not be forgotten!

Author- Alina Kondratenko

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