Salt lakes in Ukraine

And in order not to waste your time searching for tickets and flights to other countries, we recommend you spend your holiday in Ukraine. Especially because the options are really worthy of attention.

Transcarpathian region

The village of Solotvyno


The saltiest lake of Ukraine is in Solotvyno is – lake Cunegonde.

Researchers and doctors claim that the healing properties of lakes in Solotvyno are not inferior to the properties of the Dead Sea in Israel.

The water is rich in bromine ions, cesium, and rubidium fluoride.

As in Israel, the Dead Sea, and here Solovtino, man can not drown because of the large amount of salt, which is a crust covers the entire body.

In Solotvyno you will find not only the salt lakes, and iodinated. Oniidealno suitable for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, bone fractures, sciatica, psoriasis, respiratory tract diseases.

By the way travelers are advised to use not only water, but also mud lakes.

Salt mines, Solotvino

Kherson region

Siwash Lake


The largest salt lake in Ukraine – Siwash Lake has an area of 2560 km2.

The depth of the lake is not quite large, sometimes in search of at least 1 meter in depth, it is possible to go a kilometer. Yet, Siwash Lake, the company is a source of healing mud, which is used in the beauty industry and medicine. We strongly recommend that you arrive at the lake Siwash and see all the beauty of your eyes.

 Pink Lake

In the village of Kherson region Grigorieva has little known, but very unusual lake.

The fact that the lake has a pink color, and it is salty. Water has a 35% salt.

Pink lake scientists believe the remains of the ancient Lemurian Sea. Doctors claim that the lake water is healing. The local saturated brine is saturated with minerals, magnesium chloride and potassium salts, sodium iodide, magnesium bromide and acids

Salt lake in the village Schastlivtsevo

Kherson region is unique in its nature, salt lakes proof.

Соленые озера Украины

Probably the best option to travel to the salt lake – on Arabat Spit in the village Schastlivtsevo.

By the way, nice to tourists will be the fact that close to Schastlivtsevo are hot springs, which are called “the miracle of sources.” Anyone who has cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, doctors strongly recommend to visit these sources. They are easy to find on arrival in Schastlivtsevo.

With regard to the salt lake, you can believe it, here is worth visiting. This Ukrainian analogue of the Dead Sea – healing water, high levels of salt, healing mud, sufficient depth (although it is you absolutely do not need, it is impossible to dive in the water) and nice accommodation and food prices.

Kharkiv region

Salt lake in the village of Antonovka

This lake is known only to local and do not tell anyone else. And all because the lake is gradually desalted.

Соленое озеро в селе Антоновка

Somewhat surprisingly, in the Kharkiv region from salt lake, but the explanation is very simple.

During the search for natural gas and oil in the well, the path which was hydrochloric lens formed gas blowout, due to the abnormally high pressure – 300 atmospheres.

Experts managed to “drown out” the gas fountain and prevent atmospheric pollution.

After some time, the natural gas again made his way to the outside, which eventually led to the flooding of the rig and the formation of a 60-meter crater. And as the water passes through the salt reservoir, artificial lake and turned salty.

Now the residents of the village of Antonovka Kharkiv region have a great place to relax.

Author – Svetlana Bondarenko

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