8 reasons to visit Lutsk

Luck with full confidence can be called one of the most comfortable regional centers of Ukraine. On the streets of the city there are the musicians who will never show on TV, there are ancestors of outstanding Ukrainian writers, which in itself is a rarity and a similar case can be considered happy.

Lutsk – this is a very pleasant and friendly city with a distinctive atmosphere. He seems quiet and welcoming. True Ukrainian town.


Lutsk – the greenest city in Ukraine.

Thanks to the huge number of plants in 1970 the city was recognized as the greenest in the USSR.

Luck – was the richest city in Europe 50-ies of the XV century.

The Museum of Volyn Icons unique collection of icons ,, datirumyh to XVI century.

Here is the icon of Our Lady of Chelm, which is presented to Prince Vladimir in Chersonesos. By the way, this is the only in Ukraine Apostolic icon.

Castle of Westminster – winner of the “Seven Wonders of Ukraine” in the category “Castles, palaces, fortresses.”


In Lutsk is the longest building in Europe. axial length – 3265 m, 1 line -. 1750 m has entrances 88, 38 are integrated into the addresses of two streets. The population at the beginning of 2015 – 9150 people. Architects – Vasyl Malovitsa and Rostislav Metelnitsky.

Luck was the second capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1429.

The house of the sculptor or the house Ukrainian Gaudi


The main church of the Lutheran Society – Lutheran Church.


Svitlana Bondarenko

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