Top 5 hiking trails in the Ukrainian Carpathians

For those who are still in the planning stage “of the future”, we have prepared an unforgettable vacation Top 5 hiking trails in the Carpathians! Gather equipment, read our advice and feel free to go camping!

Polonyna Borzhava

Mountain range at Poloninskom Ridge in the Ukrainian Carpathians is considered to be the warmest place, because it is located only 3 hours from the city. Mountains in Borzhava stunningly picturesque and fragrant nature freshness. Walking routes start from the village of Volovets. Mountain range can easily be conquered in two days, with an overnight stay. If you can not afford the luxury of the time, do not hesitate to sit on the bike and on the right day!


Chernogora – the highest ridge in Carpathians gonny. It is home to the highest peaks of Ukraine, and crystal-clear lakes. It is easily reachable from Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.

Traditionally, travelers choose two starting points as starting either a Hoverla (the highest mountain of Ukraine for 2061), or from the Pop-Ivan, also known as Black Mountain (2021 m). On the territory of Montenegro is very unpredictable weather: the rain, the sun, but that should not scare! Hike through Montenegro will take no more than three days, if you want to also go to the Hoverla and Pop Ivan.

Marmarosy or “Hutsul Alps”

Hutsul Alps are at the farthest point of the Carpathian Mountains. The most prominent part in the range of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, near the Romanian border.

Ridge is constantly enveloped by sunlight, sharp rocky peaks completely visible even from afar. To get here, you must obtain permission from the Ukrainian border guards, at least one week prior to travel. The area is famous for its wildlife and beneficial to health and respiratory air!

Most routes start from the villages of Bogdan or business, as well as near the town of Rakhiv in the Transcarpathian region. Landmarks can get around and explore the two days, given the halts and night. Food and water is better to take with them, because the area is rich in wild plants and grasses.


This mountain range love experienced Ukrainian tourists. The mountain range takes its name from the large gray stones that are scattered all its vertices, which creates a stunning view!

Sent to the examination Gorgan most convenient resort of Bukovel, or from the city Yaremche. For those who are not afraid to roam the wild, the perfect starting point will be the tiny village of Bistrica. To experience the charm of Gorgan, multi-day trips with overnight stays are the best choice!

Svidovetsky ridge

Svidovetsky ridge is also often called Ukrainian Alps. Like Montenegro, it includes a beautiful alpine lake: crystal clear and cold! Going to one of these lakes, of course, will plunge you into a pleasant shock, and how many beautiful pictures can be done in the gorges of history is silent.

By the mountain range can be approached from the city or from the village of Yassin Ust-Chorna (in the West). To truly immerse yourself in the wild Carpathian Mountains, we strongly recommend the two day hike with an overnight stay. And, of course – what could be better than to sleep under a canopy of stars Carpathian?

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