TOP-7 for original holiday destinations with a tent

Summer evenings with a guitar by the campfire, strong, but not long, sleeping in a tent and other delights of the “wild” holiday pull together with nature. Summer 2016 promises to be an interesting and colorful! So where to go in search of adventure?

Option One:

 Aktovsky canyon Mykolaiv region.


An ideal place for lovers of peace and quiet. Canyon is located in the National Park “Bug Gard” in stream Mertvovod, but do not be afraid of the name. Around the high cliffs and the local waterfalls, and even a forest labyrinth in the bargain! Nearby there is a lake with crystal clear blue water, in Synevyr.

Ukrainian Switzerland – Granite-steppe lands of Buh

Village Grushavka, Mykolaiv region


This is the place where the steppe turns into a real rock and canyons and quiet South Bug becomes a raging river. Every year come here for lovers of extreme sports rafting competitions. Lovers of a relaxing holiday there is a lot to see and what to take a picture. Granite-Steppe Bug region is famous favorable climate and spectacular surroundings.

The place is not on the map – Bakota, Khmelnytsky region.

Bakota 3

Rest in Bakota Bay will give more impressions than a trip to the sea in early childhood. Here is where the soul to roam. You go to the right – a lake with warm water, you go to the left – peace and quiet. This wonderful place is located within the Khmelnitsky region. To restore the vitality and calm the nerves – this is what we need!

Hadzhibey Lyman, Odessa Oblast

And if you want to wake up to the cries of seagulls and the sound of the sea, you need to go to the estuary Hadzhibey. The long sandy beach, fishing spots and like-minded people – is not a spiritual vacation?


By the way, the bottom Hadzibeevsky estuary covered with a layer of black mud that has healing properties. On the basis of this mud-bath resort was opened here.

Lake Svityaz, Volyn region


Ukrainian pearl – Lake Svityaz within Shatsky National Park. Quiet and cozy place, but if you go with friends and inflatable boat, the holiday will unforgettable. Along the lake stretches coniferous forest, where it grows blueberries, and in anticipation of the fall can search mushrooms.

Lake Synevir, Transcarpathian region


Not far from the Intermountain is Synevir Lake, which is considered a place of strength and power surges. Unusually clear lake and vast forests beckon mysterious and enigmatic. Literally every place here “smells” mysticism.

Biruchiy island, Kherson region

Бирючий остров

Biruchiy island – a spit in the southern part of the extended Fedotova Spit. The area belongs to the Kherson region. It is a beach of almost 9 km of two-three recreation centers in the suburbs. This beach is good and just swim and fish. Despite the distance from the mainland, with the civilization on the island all right. There is a supermarket and a department store market, cafes and even a disco. In addition, close to the village Kirillovka water park (one of the largest in Ukraine), the Dolphinarium, the equestrian school and amusement park.

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