Odesa: hoe to get, where to stay, what to see


The brightest pearl of Ukraine is Odessa. It considered to be the most mysterious city in Ukraine.

The first thing that catches your eye is the local flavor and ironic jokes of provocative Odessites. As they say in Odessa – you need not only to see Odessa but also hear, breathe, feel and taste.

It should be noted that Odessa  is not the station and the airport, not the Primorsky Boulevard and Deribasovskaya.

Odessa is the city of a hot sun and gentle beaches, incredible intricate stories and original humor, philosophical phrases and brilliant poems.


How to get

 poezd1 fly bus bla-bla1 auto1

Where to stay

Arriving in Odessa everyone wants to live by the sea and enjoy every minute spent here. However, in order to have time to see all the sights better to live in a hostel “Odessa” or at the “Mozart” with an opening overlooking the entire city. Hotel “Duke” ideally located, because there are  many interesting museums and institutions. “Odessa Courtyard” is full of local color and a different kind of interiors.

Odessits love to have fun and to eat.


Where to eat

  •  Gogol Mogol. Art Cafe reveals delights Odessa weekdays and treat delicious cakes;
  • Tavernetta – Italian restaurant in the “Provence” style.
  • Cafe PEOPLE – pizzeria in the heart of the city exclusively for friendly get-togethers;
  • The restaurant “Dacha” presented dishes of authentic Odessa food, and you can try home-made wine;
  • Wine bar Bernardazzi opened for lovers of sparkling and semi-dry, as well as for those wishing to try something incredibly tasty;
  • Varenichnaya “Alpina” is a great place for lunch on hot summer days.

Odessa does not sleep at night, because there are located a lot of of nightclubs, restaurants and karaoke.



Walking along the Primorsky Boulevard, considering the roof and wall cladding, which reflects the light, you would like to collect it in one picture and take home as a souvenir. Deribasovskaya Street is so popular that not even compare. Potocki Palace  is an example of the best traditions of classicism from the last century. The architectural composition distinguishes strict elegance and harmony.

Площадь Ришелье

Arcadia is a place of sunshine, and the intoxicating golden tan, the most popular beach in Odessa. Residents call the area in honor of the mountain region of Greece, in which, on the proposal of the other Greeks, reigned happiness, peace, simplicity of manners.

Vorontsosky Palace is a whole manor with buildings flanking the main building. Particularly interesting compositions by the ensemble of the manor house and stables kruglyascheysya wall at the entrance of the manor courtyard in the direction to the front porch.

“Fantastic  tunnel” in Odessa is the shortest “Metro” in the world. The place is called fabulous, because walls are decorated with pictures of famous fairy tales.


Out of city

Nerubayske and Catacombs. For fans of extreme rest it’s an excellent choice. On the territory of Nerubayske situated temple and Museum of Partisan Glory.

Vilkovo. The site is located within the Biosphere Reserve of the Danube flooded, with unique flora and fauna.

Akkerman Fortress. Do you want a little bit of magic? Go look at the castle, because nowhere in the Ukraine, you will not see something like it!

Wolf Man Manor. Yes, Freud has the favorite patient, and his name was Sergei Pankeev. This manor house is just a legend. In better times, the estate was surrounded by a fruit garden with a fountain, near the lake and it was a small pond with carp, and a little further – coniferous forest. The windows must have a magnificent view.

Поместье Курисов

Manor Kuris. The palace was built of coquina stone in the Moorish style with gothic elements. The original plan of the castle will surprise even the chartered architects, because in the old times everyone could get inside from the top (roof) and from the bottom (underground).

The lake, which is impossible to admire called Cahul. When you stand on the high rocky shore and look at the water surface, sincerely wish to stay here forever. The water is clean, atmosphere is nice. This is a place of romance.

If you still have power, we recommend you to go on a tour of the unusual Odessa agency «tudoy-syudoy» . Fun and sparkling humor are guaranteed!

After winning Jamala at the Eurovision-2016 song contest next completion might be spend in this city.

You may wish to see

  • Take a guided tour
  • Count the steps on the Potemkin stairsr
  • Bargaining on the “Privoz”

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