Kyiv: how to get, where to stay, what to see


Kyiv – is not just a capital of Ukraine, it is the center of the striking events. It is very diverse, but always sincere and very open.

Kyiv falls for his strong spirit and creative atmosphere, narrow streets and wide avenues, rich architecture and friendly people, unforgettable festivals and quiet walks along the embankment of the Dnieper.

If we talk about the attractions and leisure, all will be met in Kyiv.


Where to stay:


You can stay in a hostel or hotel, moreover there is a possibility to rent an apartment on Khreshchatyk and stare from the window at the huge metropolis. In the city center there are several hostels with excellent service and good transport interchange: ZigZag Hostel  and “Like / lyke” , as well as the Happy Buddha Hostel and EvroCity.

Hotel «Ukraine» – a classic for visitors to the city.

For example, the IQ Hotel is a place for those, who like modern minimalistic style. A hotel “Vozdvyzhensky» is situated in the magical place where you will surely feel comfortable – Podil.


Where to eat:

In Kyiv, you also would have an opportunity to eat very tasty food, because there are represented all dishes of the world:

  1. “Prague» – a gourmet restaurant with open-air music venue and the lake;
  2. Cafe Milk Bar – going to fragrant coffees and social gatherings;
  3. Restaurant and cheese shop Tres FRANCAIS  – the perfect place for a romantic evening;
  4. Dogs & Tails  – a new trendy restaurant, where you can do all that your heart desires;
  5. VINO e CUCINA -for all gourmets, from oysters to tartlets;
  6. St. Murena  – not a typical bar, you can whatch an art-house moovies in and taste bohemian youth drinks;
  7. Pikkolino – Italian restaurant with pasta own production and the largest in the city prosecco bar.



A great pleasure for lovers of nature would be to walk around Kyiv, because this city is very “green”. Be sure to visit the open-air museum Pirogovo, to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the nation. Kyiv fortress Oblique Caponier and Landscape alley in the traveler’s list should be number ‘two’.

Klovsky palace serves as the seat of the Supreme Court, which is the perfect fit among the grandiose architectural monuments of the capital. Climbing the Andrew Descent, now and then you meet a lot of museums and cafes, but passing by “Richard Castle – Lion Heart” is impossible. Walk through the magnificent halls of the “Chocolate House”, admire the interiors in the style of different eras, rich moldings, forging and painting – is a pleasure.



In Kyiv area:

In addition, outside the city is opened no less scenic spots. It is worth visiting the cave Geonavt and outlet village “Manufactory”, for example. So, in the village of Buda, you can look at an underground monastery.

Osten-Sacken Manor is located not far from Kyiv. The biggest ostrich farm in Ukraine is located in Yasnogorod just a half-hour drive from Kyiv. Ostriches Valley has a friendly atmosphere, where you can drink wine and taste rare dishes.

Many have heard about the tragedy in Chernobyl, but today everyone has the opportunity to go on a trip to Pripyat and explore the surrounding area. In the town of Bila Cerkva near Kyiv is probably the biggest arboretum under the name “Alexandria”. The park plan had developed french scientist Myuffo, but it does not prevent him from becoming Ukrainian national treasure.

Free up space on the camera’s memory card, and go on trip to the one of the most photogenic cities of the world.

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