Lutck: where to go, where to stay, what to see

Luck can be called one of the most comfortable regional centers of Ukraine. Life flows slowly in Lutsk, the regional center bustle almost not felt. That is why to walk around the city center is a great a pleasure.


Where to stay:

There are a lot of huge selections of hostels:

1) Hostel “Sofa”

2) Hostel in Lutsk

3) Sweet Home

Lovers of high comfort and privacy will like hotels in the center of the traditional and hospitable city:

1) Hotel “Zaleski”

2) The hotel “Svityaz”

3) The hotel “Patio de Fiori”

4) The hotel “Ukraine”

Where to eat:

1) The only restaurant in Lutsk Zaleski, designed in theater-style. There are stylish and tasty;

2) PRESTO PIZZA is a pizzeria, where you are always welcome and can bring joy right into the hotel room, as the service in the restaurant works round the clock;

3) CAFE “Sonyashnyk” is a traditional Ukrainian restaurant with soup and dumplings, pancakes and crepes;

4) The restaurant “Fire and Sword” is a cozy corner for family gatherings, the so-called “happiness residence”;

5) Cult restaurant “Crown of Vytayvt” is located on the grounds of the castle, so the interior circumferential light romantic mood of the Middle Ages.

What to see:

The most famous attraction of Lutsk, of course, the Palace of Lubart. Walking through the palace and its surroundings, breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery, slowly lost track of time.

In the heart of the city, of course, it’s hard not to notice the huge church of St. Peter and Paul. The construction of this temple (and the Collegium) occurred during 1616-1639 years by the Italian architect Giacomo Briano. Jesuit College was the institution of higher education already at that time.

History of the Castle of Lubart has about six hundred years. Visitors can see the exhibition of Ukrainian bells, books, museum and art museum. Booking a tour, you would have a chance to climb the highest tower of the castle (27 meters), or to examine the foundations of the ancient church of St. John the Evangelist. In the castle are constantly held various cultural events – festivals, concerts, exhibitions, jousting tournaments.

Kosachev House Museum is located in the vicinity to the castle of Lubart, which is what makes this place more magical. In 1890-1891 years  there lived a literary family of Kosachev.

On the streets of the city there are musicians who will never show on TV, there are ancestors of outstanding Ukrainian writers, which in itself is a rarity and a similar case can be considered happy.


Out of city:

Shatsky National Park and the lake Svityaz. A huge number of lakes make this place attractive for tourists, they are concentrated on the territory of the reserve. The Red Book of Ukraine recorded 28 species of flora of the park. Svityaz Lake is the largest and deepest lake of natural origin in Ukraine.


Camping Shatskikh lakes may be “wild”, and can be comfortable in a private house.

National Park “Pripyat-Stokhid” is in Lyubyshovsky district of Volyn region. There remains a lot of wonderful, unspoilt corners, where you can touch the original beauty of the Earth. This region captivates with its endless forests, beautiful lakes and marshes.

We also recommend visiting the recreational complex “Restpark” located outside of Lutsk. “Mashavsky Forest” is a hotel-restaurant complex, designed to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the bosom of the pure nature for you.

Lutsk is a very pleasant and friendly city with a distinctive atmosphere. He seems quiet and welcoming. True Ukrainian town.

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