Mukachevo: where to go, what to look for, where to stop

Mukachevo is the second largest city in Transcarpathia, located on the shores of the Lattoria River. It is here that there is the most famous castle in the region, and maybe the whole of Ukraine – “Palace Castle”. And look at it tourists from all over Ukraine and not only. But not the castle is known as Mukachevo.

Where to stay in Mukachevo:

  • Hotel “Star”
  • “Hotel Weekend”
  • Hotel “Palanok”

Where to go to eat in Mukachevo

Restaurant-type cafe “Bohrach”. Here you can taste dishes of Romanian cuisine and, of course, Ukrainian varenyky.

Restaurant “Grafsky Dvir”. Here you can enjoy not only the food but also the view from the window of each table.

Cafe “Magnat” in Mukachevo. Here are dishes of Transcarpathian, Ukrainian and European cuisine.

For a delicious dessert, you will be in the confectionery “Bondarenko”

What to look at in Mukachevo

Mukachevo makes up for the first minutes of stay in the territory of this silent capital of tourism. The places here are very picturesque, the city was made by a ring of mountains and forests, as well as onions near the pond.

Castle Palanok. The castle is an outstanding architectural monument, which is considered the main landmark of all of Ukraine. The castle has survived different times: From the obstacles and heavy battles to the times when the prison and the “black zone” were located here. Today in the basement of the castle there is a winery with a room for tasting and a cozy cafe with croissants.


The Peace Square

Walking along the Peace Square,  should pay attention to the architecture of the surrounding buildings and various trifles. For example, the main landmark is the city town hall, which is located in the heart of Mukachevo. To the right of it is a Gothic chapel of St. Joseph, and from the left – is the church of St. Martin.

If you travel with a fun company, you must visit the Celtic Dvir. The “Celtic Dvir under the fishing” is a tasting room. Here you can try not only wine but also gin, schnapps, grappa, rough, and paradise. Around an attractive atmosphere and many interesting locations.

Go to the “Honey House” – a museum of a closed type, in which the famous apiarist live. Here you can try all sorts of honey, known to mankind, and, of course, buy hotels with you.


In addition, you can go outside the city and taste new sensations.

You can go to Lake Synevir, which is considered a place of strength in the whole Transcarpathian region.

We also recommend looking at the local castles, including the castle of Shenborny, Dovzhanskiy castle, and Nevskiy castle.

Mukachevo attracts tourists with its exceptional historical heritage, but the monuments of old age are not the only ones for which to drag tourists here.

Here come the gourmets and connoisseurs of good wine from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and other countries to the largest festival of wine. Be sure to come, you will like it.

What is interesting near Mukachevo

Rest in thermal springs

Thermal sources near Mukachevo:

  • Berehove
  • Kosyno
  • Velytyn

Excursions to the cheese factory

  • Seliska cheese factory

Address: Zakarpattya region, Khustskiy district village Nizhne Selishche, Central street.

  • “Saldobosh” farm

Address: Zakarpattya region, village Steblyvka, 199 May street, Contact number: +38 067 312 6177

  • “Baranova” farm

Address: Zakarpattya region, village Iza, 259 Tsentralna street

  • Sirovarnia in Rakosino

Address: Zakarpattya region, Rakoshyno village, Lenina street 58.

Holy Protection Monastery.

Fishing: Fishing trout

Places in the Carpathians, for fishing trout:

  • Tourist complex “Voevodyno” (63 km from Mukachevo), Turya-Pasika village;
  • Hotel complex “Smerekovy Dvir” (60 km from Mukachevo), Zhdenievo village;
  • Forelev estate “Stara vaga” (67 km from Mukachevo), Bronka village;
  • Hotel complex “Ozero Vita” (86 km from Mukachevo), Nizhny Studenny village village, 343 A;
  • Forelev estate “Zhdimir” (40 km from Mukachevo), Vovchiy village.

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