Must visit: Berezhany

Beautiful and very cozy town Berezhany is more difficult century history. There are never too much Tourists because this town is little know.


Panoramic view of the city enthralls – red roofs, domes of churches and hilly terrain adds refinement mind. Involuntarily you start to compare the city of Prague and our Lviv.

Of course, its scale is much smaller than the above-mentioned cities, but Bershad have their own uniqueness.

The city more than 600 years, but historians say that this figure is much more likely because it was completely destroyed (like many other settlements) in the period of the Mongol invasion of Batu in 1241.


Since 1375 Bershad changed a dozen owners have suffered significant losses during the attacks of the Tatars and the World War, but in spite of this, the city has several interesting dostprimechatelnostey.

Bershad, is primarily Berezhany castle, built by Nikolai Sinyavsky (one of the owners of the city) in the 1530s. Unfortunately, at this point the lock is in the “waiting reconstruction” state.

It is known that in Berezhany there was one of the largest Armenian communities of Ukraine and armyanokatolicheskih. Armenians began arriving in Galicia during the Mongol invasion, and in the Polish-Lithuanian Time to get huge benefits for trade.

In 1764 on the site of the wooden church, at his own expense erected the Armenian community of the church. The building is characterized by Baroque-Rococo style eclectic. The walls surrounding the church, point to the defensive use of the facilities. During a fire in Berezhany in 1810 outside the church side was badly damaged, but 50 years later she returned to the original appearance. To this day the church is well preserved.

Another highlight of the city – Bernardine Monastery. Made in the Baroque style, it was built over 50 years. In connection with the improvement of the defensive system of the city, the monastery is surrounded by stone walls. Now here is the colony for minors, which excludes any possibility of restoration and construction of the monument of history.
By the way, it is here, according to local, “serving” his first term, one of our presidents. The details are unnecessary, and so you understand everything.


In very good condition, it is the Church of the Holy Trinity. This Greek Catholic religious building, located in the city center, to the facade of the Market Square.
You can not go past the central Town Hall, which, unlike the Lviv City Hall, it is impossible to climb.

Church of St. Peter and Paul. Built in 1600-20 under the project of P. Roman, like the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. It has a distinct character of the fortification, as included in the city’s fortifications. The bell tower of the rebuilt tower defense in 1741. In Soviet times there was a gym. Now the church again belongs to the Catholic community of the city, consecrated in honor of Saints Peter and Paul.


Area market

In Berezhany frequented Ivan Franco, Peter I, August II of, studied here Zaritskii Miron, a prominent Ukrainian mathematician, professor of Lviv State University. It was here was born the grandfather of the world famous Barbara Streyzend – Isaac Shtrayzand and Ukrainian composer, pianist and music critic Nestor Nizhankovskii, presenter Myroslava Gongadze, the Polish political and social activist Octave Petrusky, Ukrainian poet and translator Sidor Tverdokhlib.

The best way to enjoy the panorama of the city from Mount Starozhisko.

City Bershany, Ternopil region on the map:

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