Samchyky (manor Chechel)

If you have to drive on the highway Zhitomir – Chernivtsi passing by Starokonstantinov, make a short detour of 15 kilometers and a visit to the village Samchyky. We are sure that you will not regret. In the heart of the village in front of your eyes appear a spectacle of great beauty: ancient estate and a magnificent park.

Stopping, automatically start to look look silhouette Turgenev ladies or couples in love, leading the reins of the horses.

Peter Chechel gained possession of the estate in the late eighteenth century, buying land and a small house at the Jan Hoetskogo. By the way, when this village was called Samchyky.

For their projects estates host invited the whole international team of professionals. Park project developed an Irishman by birth Dionysus Claire Mack. He has created more than 50 parks in the Ukraine! The building is designed and built the famous Polish architect Jakub Kubicki, having in its “portfolio” Gmina Białaczów Palace (1797), Beystse (1802), Belvedere Court in Warsaw (1818.), And others. Decor developed the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Tsaglano, Italian by birth.

On the whole territory of the estate amounted to about 20 hectares. Palace, Chinese House and pribramnye buildings were compositionally linked to the park and formed a single ensemble in the Empire style with white stone columns, restrained classic decor, well thought-out designs with park.

Fortunately, no revolution, no war did not destroy this architectural gem. In the 90s of the twentieth century, a museum was established, and in August 1997 the estate “Samchyky” gained the status of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

Travelers will be pleased to see that the well-preserved palace and the park continue to be taken care of and attention to the reserve personnel. So, in the park next to the relic plants noticeable new landing, pleasing to the eye manicured lawns and flower beds, the walls of the palace slowly undergoing restoration.

Well, and, of course, the lions! Two handsome stone. One – meets, smiling. The second – sad escorts.

Author Natalia Yaremenko

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