Secrets and legends of Synevyr lake

Озеро Синевир

The Lake Synevyr, or as it’s also called the “Sea Eye”, was formed in a very non-random way. 

At minimum that’s what the locals say. Historians write that the lake was formed around ten thousand years ago beca of powerful rock changes.

Somehow, Synevyr has become the pearl of the Carpathians through rumours that it’s a space of power. Many believers arrive here to gain strength and energy, and anxious travellers dream of filling their tough drives with laptops with incredible photos of local landscapes. 

Synevyr Lake – The first legend

Several hundred years ago, the local mountains were owned by a very elderly earl. The count also had a youthful and very handsome daughter Xin

She was called that beca of her incredible blue eyes. One day, the girl was walking down the slopes and, picking flowers, she saw a pretty youthful man named Veer.

The couple fell in like right away. Upon learning of this, the count ordered the execution of a ordinary guy for the like of his perfect daughter.

Since then, Xin mourned Vir, shedding tears for days on end. And therefore the crystalline blue lake Synevyr was formed. 

Lake Synevyr – The second legend

A long time ago, instead of a lake, there was a enormous swamp, and heroes settled nearby. They hunted, picked berries, bred cattle and lived with joy.

But one day a wicked mind took care of this space and cursed the heroes in order to obtain rid of them as soon as possible. They died a unhurried and painful death one by one. But there was only one of them left – the most powerful – Synevyr. On the farm, he’d only a white bull and a beloved daughter. But he soon lost this wealth too.

The hero spent a long time wandering through the woods, and one day he arrived in a swamp.Without taking his dreary eyes off the water, Synevyr undertook to atone for his anger. He destroyed all the rocks around and, finally, reached a power source, which picked him up and carried him to the swamp. The water quickly filled the space, and the hero disappeared leaving number trace. Since then, it’s believed that the lake was formed thanks to a powerful hero and even named after him. 

Worldwide tourists arrive to Lake Synevyr all year round. It also hosts many festivals, exhibitions and culinary competitions. 

In a word, the time spent at the cleanest lake in Ukraine will never be forgotten!

Author Alina Kondratenko

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