Top-9 wonders of Ukraine

Ukraine’s natural beauty is fascinating! Here you can find American anyons, “alien” landscapes and cave labyrinths. Every tourist needs to visit these locations!

                        The Tunnel of Love 

This place is like a dream! A “living” tunnel with an arched vault stretches over the railway track near the village of Klevan. Not only tourists and lovers aspire to come here, but also directors and advertisers.

The picturesque natural monument even inspired Japanese director Akiyoshi Imazaki: in 2014, he shot the movie “Picorer: Tunnel of Love” here.

Address: Rivne region, Rivne district, Klevan

                         The Lake Synevyr

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The largest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians is 989 metres high and reaches a depth of 22 metres. Coniferous trees surround the reservoir, which creates a magnificent landscape against a backdrop of mountains.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Mezhyhirya district, Synevyrska Polyana

  The Waterfall Shypit 

At the foot of Mount Gemba, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine, Shypit, pours its crystal waters. The place has become almost legendary thanks to the festival that informs hold here every year in the first week of July. But many travelers consider spring to be the best time to meet the waterfall, when melt water fills the stream.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Mezhyhirya district, Pylypets (6 km from Shypit)

                 The Dniester River canyon

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This canyon appeals to the residents of four western regions of Ukraine at the same time. The giant cleft, at the bottom of which the river flows, reaches 250 km in length and is one of the largest gorges in Europe. 

Address: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Khmelnytsky regions.

                        The Crystal Cave 

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This is a real cost labyrinth 22 km long. The cave earned its name, and at the same time the inexhaustible love of covers, thanks to the gypsum crystals that adorn its walls.

Address: Ternopil region, Borshchiv district, Kryvche

                     The Rocks of Dovbush

In the territory of the Polyanitsky Regional Nature Park there are enormous boulders.The rocks of Dovbush formed over 70 million years ago at the bottom of a hot sea.Rounded stones are covered with green velvety foam.

This picturesque place attracts not only walkers, but also climbers who organize here training on the ground.

Address: Ivano-Frankivsk region, Dolynsky district

                    The Okonski Springs 

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There is a miracle of miracles in Volyn – powerful cost water sources that beat through the year and don’t freeze, even in the harshest winters.

Two solid sources of a small lake 3 metres deep at the surface. The water contains lime, table salt and magnesium, and has a year-round temperature of approximately 8-9°C. 

Address: Volyn region, Manevychi district, Okonsk

                      The Moorish Square 

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The mysterious mounds of earth around Mezhyrich  appear to have been made by supernatural creatures. This Moorish Square up there resembles a crab or a spider.

Scientists have not yet arrived at a single version of the manner in which the complex was formed. All you have to do is guess and enjoy this amazing beauty.

Address: Dnepropetrovsk region, Pavlohrad district, Mezhyrich 

                       The Aktove Canyon 

Photo by Anastasia Sak

This natural masterpiece in the Mykolaiv region is also called the “Devil’s Canyon”. The heap of granite-basalt rocks and boulders is covered with green vegetation.

The Aktove Canyon is the only one in Europe which resembles the famous North American gorges in terms of geological and landscape features.

Address: Mykolaiv region, Voznesensky district

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