History of Ukrainian dumplings (Varenyky)

Slavic dumpling (varenyky) or Turkish “dush-var”? 

The Ukrainian people have long experienced the preparation of boiled pies with various toppings, which are called varenyky. According to elderly legends, it’s an essentially Slavic dish, but in fact, the recipe for these fabulous porridge pies was borrowed the Turks, who called them “dush-var”

This Turkish dish is more love our dumplings, but the Ukrainians liked them so much that, having slightly altered the recipe for the dish, they became one of the main “guests” on our s. Particularly often, they were prepared for vacation or Sunday, and even prepared as a gift for a pregnant woman, and for a wedding. 

As for the “dush-var”, they’re made dough, and the main filling is meat. But the Ukrainian people are so versatile that many tens of dishes have emerged in one dish.After all, we can endlessly list what dumplings arrive with. 

About the title “Varenyky”

 The origin of the title “Varenyky” came the word “cook”. But this plate also had another name – “dumplings with sand”, which means hearty meatballs. They never have a sweet filling, but only fried lard with flour. Ukrainian varenyky of this kind are favorite in the Chernivih and Poltava regions.

Hearty varenyky” also got their title beca of the hearty filling: cabbage, crushed peas, beans. They’ve their popularity in Kharkov. 

 In the western parts of Ukraine, varenyky are called “tarts”.They were boiled in boiling water, then they were taken out with a ladle, keep into a makitra and poured with vege or butter frying, as well as lard with onions. They let it brew for ten minutes and served it on the . 

There are also “varenyky with a surprise”, they’re frequently prepared for the New Year and Christmas holidays, when one could guess.

All unmarried girls, as well as those who didn’t have a family life, cooked varenyky north the holy evening, together with a married woman, and while they were talking about the upcoming fortune-telling, this woman added hot pepper to one of the varenyky , and which of the girls I came across such a varenyky, this year, according to the prediction, she should obtain married. 

The varenyky have entered Slavic culture to such an extent that a monument to dumplings was erected in Cherkasy. The author is the honored sculptor and artist of Ukraine Ivan Fizer.

Author Alena Babik

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