Semen Mogiltsev and “Chocolate House” in Kiev

A talented person is talented in everything. Semen Mogilevtsev was able to achieve significant elevation in Kiev and leave a trace in history. He was a man with an unusual outlook, a rich inner world and that’s why.

шок рококо

Mogilevtsev was a representative of merchant family, received a good education and went to the capital to build the business. The well-known public figure, Slavic was very knowledgeable, having one of the largest libraries in Kiev. It is said that he was a member of the mysterious order, so it is “Chocolate House” and hides a lot of mysteries. Although he is considered the founder of the first in order of time of the sawmill, in his soul, “hiding and growing” architectural genius. Every centimeter of the house, its decoration and the facade – a collection of mysterious symbols and signs.

Let’s see, in the design of the first floor of his famous creations have oak branches, which have long been considered symbols of the universe and personification of the world.

Everyone knows about the family Tereshchenko and Gorodetsky, but few have heard of how versatile and talented Semen was Mogilevtsev. According to legend, in “Chocolate House” held secret meetings and meetings of the pagan faith of admirers. Evidence refuting and confirming this fact is not. Tips for sure, you need to look at the mysterious wall of the palace.

The most important design element of the house became a lion’s head – one of the most interesting characters, having a sacred significance in the structure of the building. Perhaps this is a symbolic key of a group of people who decided to continue the work Mogilevtseva. Lion’s head, “guarding” the building, it is likely are signs of courage, maturity, courage and order.

Unusual decorative complements “house” composition. It consists of a lotus, the caduceus, a winged disk, torch and flame enclosed in a double circle. Thus, the author hinted at Unity age-old wisdom, spirituality and dedication.

Шоколадный домик

Interesting fact – the house does not have a typical shape of a triangle, and its apex serves special “powder room.” It is made in the Rococo style and is located between the dining room and bathroom for balls. The floor and walls are depicted characters in the form of a female head, peacock, roses and butterflies. Butterfly, by the way, according to ancient legend, is the unity of life and death, as a modern yin and yang. Peacock in the far corner heralds fertility and immortality. Lily is associated with the Christian religion, innocence and spiritual purity. It is also a sign of the Virgin Mary, which in the Renaissance was called “Madonna lily”. Me-nots flowers signify love and affection for his native land, close people and kindred spirits.


Surprisingly, Mogilevtsev able to portray their ideas and secret knowledge of life, to put them in the design of “Chocolate House” and, thus transferring knowledge to the next generation.


Author Alina Kondratenko

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