6 films with the participation of Kiev

“Golden Gate” in the role of the Moscow metro and the palace “Ukraine” as a hotel in the USSR. We studied in detail filmography Kiev: what places flashed in the frame, and why they chose the directors.

1. “Farewell affair”, dir. Christian Carion, France (2009)


In 2009, the French detective managed to make some noise in the whole of Europe. In the film, Emir Kusturica and Guillaume Kama told in detail about the scandal that emerged in France in the 80th year. Spyware story begins in the walls of the Kiev Metro. Station “Golden Gate”. The French diplomat exchanged a glance with a scout from the KGB. Soon their secret meeting held at ENEA. When finished with all affairs, heroes Kama and Kusturica are seated on machines and differ on Khreshchatyk.

Despite the fact that the film takes place in the capital of the Soviet Union, an impressive amount of scenes depicted in Kyiv. The reason is absolutely simple: the prohibition of the then Minister of Culture in the shooting pictures in the territory of the Russian Federation. Obviously, films about KGB spies not to his liking. So Khreshchatyk was forced to turn to the center of Moscow.

2. “The White Guard”, dir. Sergey Snezhkin, Russia (2012)


The transition from one era to another colorfully described Mikhail Bulgakov was perfectly filmed Sergei Snezhkin. Not running away from the original key locations filmed the novel, as it should be on Sophia Square, Andrew’s descent, as well as Vladimir’s Hill. Shootings were ambitious. In February 2010, the streets of Kiev were filled with the Red Army, and the Sofia district of watching violent fights red and white.

The decision to stay in Kiev, in principle, it is clear, Bulgakov it had in mind. Still, some of the scenes of street actions were taken in Vyborg. This is due to the fact that the face of modern capital would have to be great to make up, to take polchiha white and red armies. But something still managed to change.

3. “Darling”, dir. Jos Stelling, The Netherlands. (2007)


Nominated for an Oscar in 2008 – tragicomedy “Dearie” telling us about the Russian soul. In the story of the famous Dutch writer and film critic Bob arrives at the Film Festival, the shooting of which took place in the Kiev Conservatory. The interior of the hall went as well as possible, but as the facade, the director chose one of the pavilions of ENEA. Changes undergone and the palace “Ukraine”, the building had to make up for the Soviet hotel. Film in the film shows no worse “Kinotavr”: huge buffet tables and ladies with clumsy English are trying to express their enthusiasm for foreign filmmakers. In general, the Soviet deep dive succeed.

Stelling stopped at Kiev for a simple reason – there is cheap. Important for him was to convey the spirit of the Soviet, and Kiev successfully coped with this.

4. “What do men”, dir. Dmitry Dyachenko, Russia (2010)


Russian director Dmitry Dyachenko Moscow filmed performance of the theater “Quartet” on the streets of Kiev and Odessa. Landscapes of the capital in the movie enough. Paton Bridge flashes when the main characters enter the town. Of course, the first, where they resolved to go to the hem and then go up to St. Michael’s Cathedral. Heroes lunch in «Cote d’Azur» with traditional Ukrainian cuisine and go for a walk in the park Shevchenko.

In the film, the four friends traveling from Moscow to Odessa via Kiev to attend the concert of group “B-2”. Kiev is possible to consider a full set of the film. Shot there including shots that have no relation to the adventures in the Ukrainian capital. For example, when the characters still plan to leave Moscow was the famous “yard with pelicans.”

5. “A Melody for a Street Organ”, dir. Kira Muratova, Ukraine (2008)


Social drama Muratova was filmed in Kiev and Odessa. Home movie takes place at the Kiev railway station on Christmas Eve. I lost a brother and sister in the whole attempt to find his father. People do not respond, help desk refuses to help. Two children are left alone in the hall of the Central Station.

Muratova has repeatedly proved his love for Odessa, but Kiev was removed is not casual. Bustling place in the city center, including the station perfectly capture the feeling of absolute loneliness in a city of such magnitude as Kiev.

6. “The Simpsons”, dir. Matt Groening, the United States (2011)


The 23rd season of the cult cartoon about the little family is dedicated to the American mafia in Ukraine, and its ringleader Victor. Before the release of the series on the air titrovalschik long thought, how to select a country. Among the two options: Ukrane and Ukreign, he finally managed to select the second of all the wrong choices. In the series the authors were able to put on the same block most of the attractions of the Ukrainian capital from the Maidan near the shores of the Dnieper to the monastery on the opposite bank.

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