Ukrainian impressionist №1 – Myhaylo Kotsiubynskyi

Myhaylo Kotsyubinsky forced to talk about Ukraine and the whole of Europe. It can be safely attributed to the stars of the first magnitude in the world literature. With his work, full of high humanistic ideals, he has for decades, maybe a century, ahead of his time, has declared itself as a consistent fighter for the freedom and independence of Ukraine, vivid images recreated subtle movements of the human soul, the national spirit, to seek justice, beauty and goodness.

One of the most famous creations Kotsyubyns’kogo “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” is not a film is made. In Hollywood, among others, are also planning to make a film about the high interest in the Hutsul life in Ukraine. For them it is the same phenomenon as raccoons for us in the subway in New York.

So, thanks to Michael Kotsyubinskoe in Ukrainian literature, there are signs of modernism and subtle psychology. He, incidentally, is the first to use techniques of neo-realism in “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. The product resembles a science fiction novel with descriptions of magical rituals. However, the creation of the result of the strong influence of Kamenetz-Podolsk on Kotsyubyns’kogo, where he lived for a long time.

Among the great achievements are its struggle with outdated ideas in the literature of the last century. Kotsyubinsky first decided to write about the horrific reality in a veiled form, submitting it as a social impressionism. All works imbued with subtle psychological insight and sensitivity, which certainly, letter by letter gets straight to the heart of the reader.

Kotsyubinsky was a huge admirer of Chekhov. Perhaps it affected their origin from educated families of those times. But some really similar motifs in their work.

Kotsyubinsky always said that it is time to end the limited and provincial subjects of Ukrainian literature. He opposed the traditional boring descriptions of rural life. He believed that the Ukrainian writer you need to take up the theme philosophical, social, psychological and historical. So he did.

Kotsyubinsky become a real explorer of the human soul, it is surprisingly accurate penetrating especially psychological motives of certain actions of man. This is especially true in the contrast of the display Russified city absorbed the passion for gain, and the Ukrainian village, which has preserved the original purity, with its harmonious way of life, even naive, but at least some notions of good and evil.

Just before the beginning of the beginning of the revolution Kotsyubinsky managed to publish a story «Fata Morgana», which became the peak of his creativity. Works «Intermezzo», Persona grata, «The horses are not to blame,” Etudes “Praise of Life”, “The island” won the heart of Europe.

Kotsyubinsky, among other things, very fond of traveling. He visited almost every major city in Europe.


His favorite place was Cyprus, because there he spoke, and some time even lived Maxim Gorky. This friendship “presented” half of the world’s most popular works of the author.

The mystery of mysteries – the emergence of geniuses. With them one who is in the land of the people asserts itself as the creator of intransitive, immortal spiritual values. The halo of glory acquired a sacred right to its rightful place in the circle of the universal community, as an equal, free and with free.

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