Hotels with pool in Carpathians

A selection of hotels with swimming pool in the Carpathian Mountains is so sweet that no time for eyeliner, let’s look where to go to enjoy the clean air and mountain scenery and gentle sun. Hotel 12 months Price – 400 uah/day Hotel Shale Flery  Resort Voevodyno  Price – 800 Читайте

Golitsyn Palace. Trostyants

Trostyanets – Regional Center, located on the highway between Kharkiv and Sumy. This town is in the list of interesting tourist destinations in Ukraine, there are museums, beautiful parks and monuments. Trostyanets has its own unique history. One of the binding sites during a visit Trostyantsa can rightly be called Читайте

The route from Kyiv to the Carpathians: Hoverla rise, rafting and swimming pool in the mountains

1 day. Moving Kyiv -Dzembronya Stop 1. Dubno Dubno castle Stop 2.Mykulyntsi Mykulynetskyy beer factory Stop 3.  Strusiv Cute sobom city of St. Paul Stop 4.  Bucac Buchach castle Stop 5. Dzembronya What to do in Dzembronya Rafting. The rise of the mountain Pip Ivan The most successful season for rafting in the Carpathian Mountains – Читайте

Odesa: hoe to get, where to stay, what to see

The brightest pearl of Ukraine is Odessa. It considered to be the most mysterious city in Ukraine. The first thing that catches your eye is the local flavor and ironic jokes of provocative Odessites. As they say in Odessa – you need not only to see Odessa but also hear, Читайте

Top-5 gastro direction of Ukraine

Gastronomic journey to the peak of popularity in Europe, but the trend has come to us in the Ukraine. If you love to travel and want the new “delicious” experience, then quickly get ready for the road! You are waiting for the most delicious parts of Ukraine. We begin, of Читайте