15 places in Ukraine created by human and nature that you will love for a lifetime

Beautiful places may not be borrowed from Ukraine, even less natural!

We have compiled a list of these natural attractions that very few people have heard of and which will surely interest you.

              Loudon Arboretum

Photo by karpatnews.in.ua

Uzhhorod is considered the greenest city in all of Europe!

You know very well that people come to this city to see blooming cherry blossoms, but today we will talk about the Loudon Arboretum, the founder of which was an ordinary high school teacher – István Loudon.

Despite the small territory of the park, there are many amazing plants and flowers.

Old trees are of great interest to tourists. Magnolias and a huge cypress are also blooming here. There is no need to say much about this place, if you are in Uzhhorod – be sure to visit this natural attraction!

                Lumshor waterfalls

Photo by skole.org.ua

Thousands of people are looking to visit Lushmore Falls as a result of their healing and even, they say, their medicinal properties.

The waterfalls are located near a very small village in the mountains. The population of Lumshory is about 90 people, according to the latest census.

The complex of waterfalls includes: “Nightingale”, “Burkachi”, “Red Partisan”, “Perestupen” and “Waterfall”.

Two wide and enchantingly beautiful rivers flow nearby.

Tourists can get here from Uzhhorod at any time of the year and try to swim in each of the waterfalls. If you believe the legends, it prolongs youth and adds strength.

Also, Lumshory is known for its rejuvenating procedure – bathing in vats. The locals borrowed this idea from the Austrians, at one time, and now there is no place in the Carpathians where you would not be offered to bathe in a tank. Be sure to try it!

              “Enchanted Land” National Park

Photo by https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki

National Park “Enchanted Land” has long been considered one of the pearls of the Carpathians, although it is relatively young.

During the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, the park received the status of National. The entire territory is boundless forests and fields, rare animals and plants. Here you can easily see a bear or a fox, an owl or a wolf.

It is not for nothing that the park was called enchanted, because in this place each corner is steeped in mysterious stories and incredible landscapes. Famous Ukrainian writers come here on week-long tours to gain inspiration and strength for creativity.

The easiest way to get here is from Khust

            Singing terraces in the Kharkiv region

“Singing Terraces” is the name given to an unusual orchard as a large amphitheatre.

This open-air amphitheater is known for its amazing acoustic properties. The thing is that special pipes of different sizes and made of different metals are built in brick walls here. 

The echo passed through them, creating a special impact.

The impression is thus made as if the terraces themselves were emitting melodies.

This is an architectural monument of the end of the 19th century, overgrown with fruit trees on all sides.

              Wuchang-Su waterfall

Is it worth writing about a place located in Crimea? We are convinced – yes, it is worth it!

The Wuchang-Su waterfall, located in the Crimea, is the highest in Ukraine.

Yes, it really is twice as high as the famous Niagara Falls.

The water falls from a height of more than a thousand meters, and originates in the mountains.

It is noteworthy that the waterfall takes on a new look at different times of the year. In winter, for example, it resembles a fairy-tale descent, and in summer it delights tourists with humming and natural beauty.

There are also many interesting landscapes in the vicinity of Wuchang-Su. On the way to the waterfall, there was a wonderful valley of fairy tales, and not far from the outskirts of Yalta, by the way, Anton Pavlovych Chekhov once lived and worked.

                             Oleshky Sands

This natural attraction of Ukraine will make you feel like you are in Africa!

In the Kherson region, a real miracle of nature is located – the Oleshky desert.

It arose relatively recently – in the 19th century, and the reason for this was the grazing of large flocks of sheep, which completely destroyed all the grass down to the very sands, and wind erosion contributed to the capture of more and more territory.

There are artificial forests on the territory and there are even lakes, both dry and full of water.

Whole bus and even walking tours with lovers of green and wild tourism are sent here. It gets chilly here in the evenings, but the starry sky overhead at midnight will win anyone over!

                              Stone graves

This Stone graves in the Zaporizhia region are part of a huge protected area. In addition, it is a unique monument of archaeological science, which collects evidence of life in the Zaporizhia region of ancient settlements.

It has been proven that people lived here from Paleolithic times to the Middle Ages.

Stone graves are an unusual hump, in the caves of which rock inscriptions and drawings are still preserved.

Our distant ancestors believed that the naturally formed hill – Stone Tombs – is a place of pilgrimage and strength. 

Religious rites and various rituals took place here, which will not be written about in Wikipedia!

Yes, the Stone Tomb is much older than Stonehenge and was a kind of analogue of Olympus in the distant past.


Photo by infokava.com

Vylkovo is an amazing place that was formed on the border of two different countries and cultures. That’s probably why it’s very interesting here.

Vylkove is located in the Odesa region and is considered the “Venice of Ukraine”.

Previously, all the inhabitants of the city moved exclusively on boats, and recently many canals have become shallow, some have been filled up completely. You can now swim in the city only in the “old” part of the city.

People go here for fishing, and photographers hunt for magnificent landscapes. In Vylkovo, tourists are treated to homemade wine and hearty soup.

             Okonsky springs in the Volyn region

Two powerful sources of karst waters are located almost in the center of Lake Oknyshche. Water comes out of the ground with considerable pressure, forming two dome-shaped fountains on the surface of the lake. The water temperature is around 9 ° C all year round, even in severe winters the lake does not freeze.

The peculiarity of water is that it cannot be aerated. Later, the springs formed a small lake with a depth of 3 m and an area of ​​0.5 ha.

      Botanical garden named after Grishko in Kyiv

Trivial, you might think. But not everybody knows that the Botanical Garden named after Hryshko was established in 1935 and even survived the German occupation of Kiev.Yes, the garden occupied more than 100 hectares. Open lessons for students and schoolchildren were held on the territory. These days, yoga and meditation courses are very popular in the territory.

The Kiev Botanic Garden contains almost all representatives of flora from all over Ukraine!

                     Zhenetsky Huk waterfall

A trip to the Zhenetsky Huk waterfall is the case when you got on the bus and a fairy tale appeared outside the window.

It is located near Mykulychyn and is second to none in height – 900 meters.

There are many interesting plants and flowers around the waterfall, but you will absolutely be mesmerized by Hook for at least an hour. By the way, the locals came up with his name. The reason is very banal – the waterfall makes loud and unusual sounds.

The easiest way to get to the waterfall is from Yaremche.

            The mountain range of Chornohora

Only real daredevils can climb the Chornohora mountain range. The Carpathians are famous among tourists for their mountain peaks and sharp descents. However, Chornohora is the highest point.

On the way to the top, you can have time to look at two waterfalls and get a full chest of clean air.

It is recommended to go down the ridge with a length of more than 40 km only with experts or rescuers! Special tours and hikes are planned for such purposes.

               Blue lake in Mukachevo district

The lake is of volcanic origin, it has 2 sinkholes – it is believed that these are craters of an ancient volcano, filled with water.

It is fed by a sulfur source. Sulfur settles on floating reed stalks. It gives a bluish-blue tint to the water, which is where the name comes from.

The water in the Blue Lake is saturated with hydrogen sulfide, so there are no fish, amphibians, or insects in it.

         Chalk mountains in the Kharkiv region

“Chalk Mountains” is a long ridge of chalk hills that stretches for several tens of kilometers in the “Dvorichanskyi” National Nature Park.

The mountains are not very high, and you can climb them, especially since the view here is incredible – the valley of the Oskil River.

Each mountain has its own image: one resembles a volcano, another – the head of an Indian. There are even some that have caves with long corridors.


Photo by

The largest island of Ukraine, which is located near the resort centers of Skadovsk and Lazurnoe, is a protected zone, a large amount of local flora and fauna is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

Red deer can be seen on the island, and mouflons hide in the coastal thickets of cattails and reeds. There are many foxes on the island, since no one specifically hunts them, and they run around even during the day.

The island is a great place for lovers of “wild” recreation. Perfectly clean sea, deserted sandy beaches and almost complete absence of people.

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