Pearl of the sea – beach area of Odessa


Say, what was the last time you’ve been at sea in Odessa? Never? Such a shame!

Odessa, because of its geographical location, can be called as one continuous beach. Once you take a walk on the streets of Odessa in the summer – you’re sure to find a few guys in swimming trunks, with a towel on their shoulders, and with a sunny, south mood.

Certainly, this man goes to the beach or from it. But I think you still are not interested in someone else’s vacation, but your own.  So, you want to relax near the sea in Odessa, but confused by a variety of beaches?



Such a wonderful Greek name bears the undisputed leader in the number of visitors among the beaches of Odessa. Greeks called by this name very calm, peaceful and prosperous region of Greece, which is true in our case too.

To be precise, Arcadia is not just a beach, but a rather diverse resort area of the city which includes the clubs, resorts, hotels, green areas. However, let’s talk about the beach exactly.



The first thing that struck you – people, a lot of people. Haven’t I already told about it’s popularity? In the daylight hours in the free zone of Arcadia sometimes it becomes even tightly.

In toll area access fee ranges from 1 to 5 US dollars, which is hardly a large sum. The difference is quite negligible (the presence of the loungers and the purity of the beach / shore), so most people still choose the free zone, located between the clubs “Ithaca” and “Ibiza”. Often, in Arcadia, you can see some people cruising on the beach and selling corn cakes, various sweets for a little high, “beach” prices.

But if you really want to have a snack, but there are no sellers – you can always climb a little higher to the club and find a couple of restaurants, stalls and booths with fast food.

Prices of course are also as high as “beach” prices but for foreign tourists it is a change.  As well, on the beach there are paid (within $ 2) luggage storage and shower, also many other less popular services up to the bungalow and sofas. Sometimes sea washes ashore a lot of slime and algae which hardly helps travelers, but the coast is regularly being cleaned.



This beach has received the name in honor of Count from the Novorossiysk Langeron, whose country house was located in the same place two centuries ago.

Of all the beaches of Odessa, this one is the most pure, aided by a caring attitude of the administration and trash cans every ten meters.

The way to the beach is a long descent with a mass of shops and stalls. Beach accessories – from slippers to inflatable mattresses, souvenirs in the form of magnets, cards, key fobs, and, of course, food stands with drinks, fast food and desserts.

And then there are a lot of different small services and entertainment, making it difficult to resist the temptation to buy something.


Now, about the beach. Lots of people, though not as much as in Arcadia. The coast is the cleanest from all beaches that quite appreciate foreign tourists. Entrance to the beach is free, but there are many fairly standard fee-based services, such as beach chairs, umbrellas, shower. Prices vary in the same range as in Arcadia, but there are two features of Langeron.

First – there is always a boat rental. I can not judge, but, they say, this service is very popular with couples in love who want brighten up the trip to the sea by a little privacy withing the seawaves, away from the noise of beach vacationers. The second feature will certainly appeal to lovers of marine life and children – it is dolphinarium near the Langeron! It is called “Nemo” and three times a day there is a bright, noisy performances of dolphins and sea lions.

There is also a lot of souvenirs and services, including swimming and diving with dolphins, and photos. For more information about schedules, prices and the variety of services you can get in the dolphinarium or on its website.


Author Darya Lutenko


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