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Unknown fortresses in Ukraine

For those who considers himself a connoisseur of fortifications in Ukraine, we have prepared a list of unknown fortresses! Psari In the village of Psari Ivano-Frankivsk region it is situated the miracle comes from the 18th century, made in neo-baroque style. Owners had many, but the most memorable was the Countess Rey. It is rightly […]


Schoenborn Palace, the Austrian tale in Ukraine


Askania Nova


Zmeevka: Sweden in the south of Ukraine

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Pearl of the sea – beach area of Odessa

Say, what was the last time you’ve been at sea in Odessa? Never? Such a shame! Odessa, because of its geographical location, can be called as one continuous beach. Once you take a walk on the streets of Odessa in the summer – you’re sure to find a few guys in swimming trunks, with a […]


Winter in Ukraine: 33 stunning photos

Winter – stunning time. This is the time of gifts, realization of desires, leisure and charming scenery of nature. We have put together a selection of  winter photos in Ukraine,  enjoy 🙂 andrew_mayovskyy ann_teplya4ok ann_teplya4ok ann_teplya4ok bordochok⠀ denfavv farawaymuseum g1rich kikireshko kikireshko kikireshko kikireshko marianna.23 mel_nik nadyapotapchuk nadyapotapchuk_ nadyapotapchuk_ nadyapotapchuk_ nica.ny olexandr.matola sswanssia sswanssia vadtarasov wolf99dad wolf99dad […]


Incoming Travel Service in Ukraine

If you love to travel, but don’t have time to organize the trip, you need to appeal to people who love to do it! Ukraine is – a project about love of travels in Ukraine! We don’t  just write about the attractions of Ukraine, we also organize a truly amazing journey, because we know where […]


Photo-walking: Chernigiv

Let’s take a walk through the city Chernigiv using instagram 🙂 Фото Чернигов @_demianenko Чернигов @svit_bondy Чернигов @svit_bondy Чернигов @backmanil @doch_poeta @geleverova_i @geleverova_i @gugu911jc @ivtestov @julia.titok @julia.titok @mariyat_ph @milye.domiki @milye.domiki   @milye.domiki @nobody.a.m @podryga_esenina @tasha_marchenko   @young_chernigiv @zalvovska Автор рубрики – Света Бондаренко Пишите о местах, куда хотите совершить фото-прогулку в комментариях. Мы обязательно её осуществим!


Photo-walking: Uzhgorod

Let’s take a walk through the city Uzhgorod using instagram 🙂 @maya_kargapolova @katebryzhan @maya_kargapolova @katebryzhan @kate_ua00 @katebryzhan @nadya_sabadash @katebryzhan @katebryzhan @katebryzhan @katebryzhan @katebryzhan  

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6 фільмів за участю Києва

«Золоті ворота» в ролі московського метро і палац «Україна» в ролі готелю в СРСР. Ми детально вивчили фільмографію Києва: які місця з’являлися в кадрах і чому саме їх вибирали режисери. 1. «Прощальна справа», реж. Крістіан Каріон, Франція (2009) У 2009 році французький детектив встиг пошуміти у всій Європі. У фільмі Емір Кустуріца і Гійом Камі […]