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The route from Kyiv to the Carpathians: Hoverla rise, rafting and swimming pool in the mountains

1 day.

Moving Kyiv -Dzembronya

Stop 1. Dubno
Dubno castle

Stop 2.Mykulyntsi

Mykulynetskyy beer factory

Stop 3.  Strusiv
Cute sobom city of St. Paul

Stop 4.  Bucac

Buchach castle

Stop 5. Dzembronya

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What to do in Dzembronya

  • Rafting.
  • The rise of the mountain Pip Ivan

The most successful season for rafting in the Carpathian Mountains – this spring when rising from the mountains melted snow, this time most of the river flowing.

This route was carried out in late June, and as the river White Cheremosh has been shallow, rafting on the Black Cheremosh planned, namely the very interesting area – Dzembronya-Krasnyk. The very start takes about 1 hour.

It is best to book in advance descent, for example through site Ture. But if you have not already, be sure that the descent will take place, because along the way you meet a Dzembronya least 5 points raftpnha.

You can stay in camping “white elephant.”

Here you can place your tent and enjoy camping facilities or rent a room or a cottage.

Day 2.

Lifting Hoverla

More about the rise Goverlu you can read the link.

The starting point in this route Zaroslyak base as the most convenient option.

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Lifting Hoverla takes 1.5 to 3 hours, the same tentatively goes downhill.

It is recommended to read the details in our article.

Where to stay

To end the night, was elected MIM hotel in the village of Vorokhta.

The cost of hotel accommodation with a pool is 300 uah per room, without breakfast.

Day 3.

Day of rest and relaxation by the pool

The condition of the company was to add flavor and something unusual to their trip. So one day I decided to settle them in an excellent hotel with a pool overlooking the mountains.

Carpathians trip & BD_0443

The choice fell on Yablunitse in Gorgan hotel because of the location and budget travel.

You can choose more convenient or interesting hotel in a collection of hotels with pools in the Carpathians.

In addition, Yablunitsya very picturesque and there are many options for easy climbs to the top of the mountains. A few kilometers away is  “Bukovel”.

Day 4.

Moving to Kyiv

Stop 1.  Colomyia

Good and nice place where there are good options for breakfast and lunch.


Stop  2. Zalischyky

City, bordering the Dniester.

Check for a specific platform of the city from the countryside Khreshchatyk for school turn right and go towards the Dniester.


3. Stop Chertkov

Wonderful city, calm and incredibly beautiful.


Stop  4. Medzhybizh

Medzhybizh Fortress 1540


Stop  5. Letichiv

Letychiv Fortress, in which buried Karmelyuk


6. Stop Berdichev


Berdichev – incredibly atmospheric and picturesque town. Here is one of the largest fortresses is well preserved until today, the Carmelite monastery-fortress. At the time, the city was very important for Chopin and Balzac, and through its history has the informal name “Volyn Jerusalem.”

This route consisted of an individual request.

The total budget amounted to 1630 UAH trip per person, including:

Accommodation in cottages camping – 247 UAH
Rafting – 350 UAH (280 USD descent and 70 shoe rental)
Lifting Hoverla – 20 USD
Accommodation MIM – 150 UAH
Accommodation Gorgan – 310 UAH
The cost of fuel – 550 UAH.

By Svitlana Bondarenko route

If you want to order individual route to Ukraine, please contact:

+380 (067) 157 55 15 or by e-mail:

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